July 25, 2022

Corner sofa vs. sofa set – find your perfect match

Corner sofa vs. sofa set – find your perfect match

Close your eyes and think about your perfect Friday night.

You’ve changed into your comfies. Lined up the latest Netflix boxset. Glass of wine and popcorn in hand. Are you chilling on a super-sized L shape? Or snuggling up on a cosy 2 seater?

It’s a common dilemma for the modern-day sofa shopper.

Should you go for a contemporary corner sofa or a classic sofa set?

Which would be your perfect match?

Let’s face it, you’re going to be in this relationship for a long time (or at least, until your head gets turned by the latest trend…) – so it’s important to choose the one that ticks the most boxes. Yes, the heart wants what the heart wants. But before you rush into a decision, here are just a few things to consider, to ensure you pick a couch that’s 100% your type on paper.



4 things to consider before you swipe right


1. The space you have available

Is your lounge big or small? Or somewhere in between?

A corner sofa is a great option for both extremes.

In a particularly large lounge-diner, it can be used to divide the open-plan layout and create separate zones. But equally, it can work just as well in a small lounge. Slotted neatly into an empty corner (that would otherwise go to waste), it creates maximum seating using minimal floor space.

For a medium-sized living room, a sofa set may be the better choice. A 2 and 3 seater duo will fill the space nicely, without looking too overbearing – particularly if you pull them away from the wall.

It may seem counterintuitive, but this trick actually makes the space look more open and spacious.


2. The vibe you’re going for

A sofa can make a huge difference to the atmosphere in your lounge.

Going for a relaxed laidback vibe? The perfect spot for a little post-work solitude and Sunday self-care? An L-shaped sofa – specifically, one with a chaise – could be the ideal match for you.

Or maybe you’re more of a socialite?

Whether you like to entertain or just want to encourage a bit of family chatter, you’ll be much better suited to a co-ord sofa set. Tactfully positioned, two separate couches will prompt good chats – transforming your lounge into a social hub for daily catch-ups, friendly gossip and weekend fun.


Sofa sets available at Sofa Club


3. The style of your home

Corner sofas are a modern style – and as such, they naturally suit the more contemporary home. Most have a sleek Scandi design, with long lines and hidden legs, and come in neutral shades of grey and stone. Making them a simple, stylish option for anyone who prefers a pared-back décor.

By contrast, sofa sets are much more traditional.

That doesn’t mean they’re dated – far from it! It just means they may have a better connection with older, period properties. What’s more, they create a harmonious symmetrical look. So if you’re partial to a little feng shui, you’re sure to find a kindred spirit in our matching two-piece sets.


4. The future

Like to rearrange the furniture every 6 months?

If you easily get the ick and prefer a bi-annual lounge refresh, an L-shaped couch may not be for you. Unless the space is especially large, a corner sofa is usually tied to a particular corner – which means you’re pretty much limited to one layout and will have no choice but to go long-term.

Sofa sets are a lot more flexible.

You can play around with their configuration as much as you like. Keep them together, split them up, put one in a completely different room. It’s up to you. They’re the perfect match for anyone who quickly gets bored with their living room sitch.



Say hi to your new bae

Whether you’re tunnel vision on a corner sofa or think a sofa set could be a bit of you, this is the only club you need. We have a huge range of both for you to choose from. So why not start scrolling, check out a few different profiles and find your perfect sofa match in our online collection?

Many styles are available as both a corner sofa and a sofa set.

Take, for example, The Chelsea.


The Chelsea L shaped sofa and sofa set


Available in ‘Shades of Grey’ and ‘Stone Alone’, this is a timeless classic design – understated, classy, with a measured sense of minimalism. It could be the ‘one’ that lasts you a lifetime. And you can choose from a right- or left-hand chaise, a double corner, or a 3 and 2 combo to suit your needs.

It’s also worth checking out our brand new Soho Collection.

Inspired by London living, this is a compact á la mode sofa – that’s made to both look and feel good. Crafted from soft linen fabric, it comes in shades of ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Cool Rain’, and you can pick your favourite from a selection of contemporary corner sofa and regular sofa silhouettes.


The Soho corner sofa and sofa set


Contact our cupids

If you’re still struggling to find the right connection – and would like tailored advice on which type of sofa might be best for you – you’re always welcome to slide into our DMs. We are Sofa Club – the home of stress-free sofa shopping – and we’ll do everything we can to help you couple up wisely.

Either message us directly on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk. Our in-house sofa cupids will get back to you ASAP with answers to all of your questions.

Or, to meet our corner sofas and sofa sets in person, why not visit one of our exclusive lounges? We’re located up and down the country, open daily – and we promise you won’t be catfished!



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