September 01, 2022

How do modular sofas fit together?

How do modular sofas fit together?

DIY not your strong point?

Don’t sweat it. This is the home of stress-free sofa shopping.

When you buy a modular sofa from us, our delivery duo will carry the boxes into your chosen room and assemble it for you. No problem. You’ve been kind enough to shop with us – so we like to repay the favour, by ensuring your new couch is set up and ready for you to park your tushy on ASAP.

But of course, the beauty of a modular sectional sofa is that it offers endless possibilities.

If you get fed up with the current config, need to make it bigger (or smaller), or wish to relocate it to a different part of your home, you can. The individual sections are super easy to dismantle and put back together yourself – without the need for fiddly tools, heavy lifting or heated arguments debates with your other half.

Just work as a twosome and you can switch up the shape and size of your couch in a matter of minutes. In fact, we reckon it’ll take less time than choosing your next box set.


Modular sectional sofa available at Sofa Club


3 steps to re-arrange your modular sofa

Think of it like a giant game of Lego – except the pieces are soft and squishy, and less likely to cause injury to the foot. Two players are required and there are three simple steps to follow.


1. Disassemble

Step 1 to re-arrange a modular sofa

All of our modular sectional sofas connect via two-part metal ‘crocodile’ clasps. These include a protruding zigzag bracket on one side, and a triangular post on the opposite side – which it slots into.

To separate the modules, first, you need to locate these clasps. Then simply grab the module you wish to detach and lift it straight up. This should instantly release the crocodile clasp.

Removing the sofa’s cushions can make this step a bit easier. But if you’re in a rush to re-arrange and move on with your day, you certainly don’t need to. Just make sure the module is fully disconnected before you try to move it, as pulling it away whilst it’s still attached can rip the pretty fabric.

More haste, less speed and all that. It’ll only end in tears.


2. Reconfigure

Step 2 to re-arrange a modular sofa

Next step, move the modules and re-arrange them however you like.

All of our modular couches are incredibly versatile. You can configure the sections in multiple different ways and change the size and shape as many times as you like – adapting the sofa to meet your evolving needs and tastes.

Inspo and info on the most popular configurations can be found both in our previous blog and our Insta page – so it’s worth taking a look at these before you start.

Our advice? Just have a play around. Channel your inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Get those interior design juices flowing and see what works – and looks good – in your space.


3. Connect

Step 3 to re-arrange a modular sofa

Once you’re happy with the new configuration, you’re ready to re-connect.

Rotate the zigzag bracket so that it’s perpendicular to the sofa and position it alongside the corresponding triangular post. This triangular post is a bit shy – hiding away underneath the couch. So to ensure the two parts are aligned correctly, it helps to line up the backrests of each module.

Then, stand on one side. Get your partner to stand on the other. And push the two modules together so that the two parts of the clasp smoothly slot together. You should hear a little ‘click’ as it locks into place. But if you don’t, or you can feel any sort of resistance, double-check they’re aligned correctly and try again. We’re confident you’ll get it the second time.

And there you have it. As easy as that, your sectional sofa is no longer in sections and is ready to enjoy once more.



Think you can handle it?

Of course you can.

You don’t need to be a DIY pro to dismantle and re-assemble a modular sofa. It’s child’s play. As quick and easy as building with Lego bricks. So why not up your sofa game and take the first step towards customisable sectionals today?

We have an amazing edit of designs, colours and fabrics to choose from. All of which can be bought as a pre-selected ‘popular configuration’ set. Or you can pick ‘n’ mix from a range of components – including single seats, corner seats, arm pieces, chaise pieces and footstools – to create the perfect shape and size for your space. Completely up to you.

Just take a scroll through our amazing online collection; see what catches your eye.


Sectional sofa available at Sofa Club

And keep in mind, here at Sofa Club, we’re always happy to help. Whether you have a question about modular sofa assembly or are struggling to re-jig the sections of your new sectional couch, you’re welcome to slide into our DMs on WhatsApp any time – day or night.

Alternatively, you can send an email to and one of our in-house sectional sofa experts will get back to you as soon as possible.  


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