June 22, 2019

3 Ways To Use Florals In Your Bathroom

3 Ways To Use Florals In Your Bathroom

Florals are all the rage right now and no, they’re not just limited to the living room. Florals in unexpected places can look just as good as in the typical spots. If the thought of a floral bathroom immediately conjures up images of your grandmother’s hideous old suite, don’t worry- florals, and style, have changed a lot since then. Here are 3 different ways to use florals in your bathroom, and, surprise surprise, none of them are hideous- even if nan has a go at these tips too!

  1. The half and half wall
    A floral pattern over the entire wall can be a bit overwhelming. We do love a good floral wall though. Break up the flowers with a tiled or panelled lower section of wall- and continue flowering, all you like!
  2. Fabrics
    Ah, floral fabrics. We missed you! Stylish as ever, floral fabrics are a great way to add a fun and personal touch to any boring and neutral bathroom. Blinds, shower curtains and mats are perfect ways of getting your daily floral fix. If you’re unsure about fully committing to the floral look, this is the way to go. If you decide one day that black and bare metal is more your style, simply swap out all your florals with the appropriate fabrics.
  3. Tiles
    You don’t have to be a big fan of fabrics, or even wallpaper to get your slice of floral action. Invest in some pretty floral tiles for a modern take on the look, or use custom tiles to paint out larger flower illustrations on the wall. We love a good and imaginative tile pattern, and florals are no exception!

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