February 03, 2023

Introducing our first curved sofa – Runway 203

Introducing our first curved sofa – Runway 203

Curved sofas are big news at the mo.

For decades, masculine straight-line designs have been in the limelight – the no.1 guy, getting all the attention. But feminine curvy styles have had enough – they’re officially making a comeback! 2023 marks the ‘return of the curve’. And at Sofa Club, we’re so here for it.

Say hello to our first-ever curvaceous couch – Runway 203.


Stay ahead of the curve, stay on the runway

She’s the perfect all-rounder.

Coming in a chic neutral shade, with a voluptuous curved silhouette and soft edges, Runway 203 certainly knows how to make a statement.

She’s the epitome of the ‘curvy sofa’ trend and the perfect centrepiece to bring a sense of fluidity to your space. Whether that be a lounge or dressing room, compact apartment or large open space, traditional square property or… lighthouse 🤷‍♀️.

But that doesn’t mean she compromises on comfort.

Crafted from luxe chenille with a supportive curvilinear back, Runway 203 creates a cocoon of cosiness – inviting you in and wrapping around you like a big warm hug. Settle down solo or snuggle up with the fam and enjoy her soothing embrace.

This is the perfect sofa for those who like to follow the trends – but only in comfort.


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Why are curved sofas trending?

Curved couches first became popular in the 1960s, when esteemed designer – Vladimir Kagan – created his famous ‘serpentine sofa’. But since then, they’ve hardly been the norm.

Yes, sofa trends can be a bit fickle. They come and go and are constantly changing, especially when it comes to their colour and fabric. But it’s unusual for a completely different silhouette to be trending. In fact, compared to the standard rectangular sofa, a curve feels a bit rebellious!

So why has it suddenly become so popular?

What can it offer that your old faithful straight-back seating can’t?



Rounded sofas are the natural response to 2022.

Pretty much everyone is having a tough time right now. So when it comes to our homes, we’re all desperate to create a homey and comforting atmosphere. And curved couches take the edge off the room (literally!) – giving it a much softer, more relaxed and welcoming feel.

This coincides with the biophilic craze of late (i.e. our desire to bring the outdoors inside). Fluid, curvy lines are found everywhere in nature, and we tend to associate them with safety and calm.

Curvy sofas are also good feng shui. Circular shapes are considered much ‘friendlier’ than geometrics, and their simplicity is said to give off positivity energy and a sense of security. In fact, they’ve even been described as a ‘symbol of happiness’ and shown to improve our mental wellbeing.

 Curvy sofa available at Sofa Club

All sound a bit too hippie?

Well… the curved sofa does originate from the 60s after all…✌️ But even so – if you want to create a chilled out, cosy vibe, curvy furniture is the perfect choice man.



In this post-pandemic era, staying in is the new going out… mostly because money’s tight. And that’s likely to be another reason why the curved back sofa is becoming increasingly popular.

Just like the round dining table – loved for its ability to encourage a natural flow of dinner conversation – there’s something about rounded seating that feels friendly and inclusive.

Perfect for those Friday night soirees. Runway 203 draws people together into a little conversation cocoon, that seems intimate and familiar – even in a big open plan space. She takes the focus away from distractions (i.e. phones, the TV) and encourages you to talk, interact and really be with each other in the present moment.



There’s no denying, a curved sofa will look fab in a big open plan room (what doesn’t?). Taking centre stage, it’s a piece of fashion for the home, that will make a statement with its unique shape.

But the curvaceous look can also work just as well in a compact lounge.

In fact, rounded couches are a fantastic space saver.

They don’t take up as much real estate as a corner sofa or U-shape, yet they still manage to plump up enough seating for several bums. And thanks to their contoured silhouette, it’s possible to pull them away from the wall – creating a greater sense of space and making it easier to manoeuvre.


Embrace your curves and join the trend

Softer on the eye, perfect for socialising, super comfy and practical.

Rounded designs are back, and officially have our attention.

Runway 203 may be our first-ever curved sofa – but she’s our top pick for 2023 (so far). And in our opinion, long may the circular craze continue. This is the sofa revolution, after all. It’s time for straight-line varieties to make way for sexy, sweeping sofa styles.

So why not dare to be a little different? Check out the deets of the collection and, for inspo on how to style a curved couch and achieve this well-rounded look, scroll our Insta page.

If you’ve got any questions about Runway 203 – or potential other curved corner sofas and chairs we may have in the pipeline – you’re welcome to get in touch. You can slide into our DMs any time, day or night, via WhatsApp. Or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk.


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