April 10, 2019

3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Small Houses

3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Small Houses

There may be a shortage of living space, but there’s no shortage of fun and cheap ways to live well and look great in tiny housing. If you’re living in a small space, you’ll know it’s extra important to keep everything tidy and clean- but you might not know there are other ways to keep back that “walls closing in” feeling:

  1. Inbuilt furniture
    Odd as it may seem, inbuilt furniture can help any space feel a lot more breathable. That extra few inches from the part of the furniture actually in the walls can end up the saviour of a struggling small home. Cupboards and shelving are great examples of inbuilt storage that can leave you with a little bit of extra breath- but seating areas and beds are just as good, even if more uncommon. Consider filling the end of your small home with a bed or seating area, and never leave extra space where it can’t be used.
  2. Multi purpose storage
    We all know and love the foldaway bed, but did you know there are lots of twists on the same concept for practically every essential piece of furniture? From sofas to tables to tvs- if you feel the need for more space, your entire house can potentially be folded away!
  3. Use a second level
    Anybody living in such a small house probably doesn’t have a second floor to use, so why not make your own? A makeshift second floor can be constructed from all kinds of things, and is especially good for using as a sleeping space. Fold away off floor sleeping is another great way to get that little bit of open extra space during the day.

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