January 03, 2023

How to divide a room

How to divide a room

Sometimes, there just isn’t a wall where you need one.

From small studio apartments to five-bedroom mansions, most properties are now designed with large open-plan spaces. Whilst that’s usually a positive thing, what about when you need a little privacy? Or want to use the space for different activities?

Putting up a wall isn’t always the easiest or most affordable route. In fact, if you rent, it may not even be possible – so you may need to get creative, instead. Using standard furniture and a few unique elements, it’s simpler than you think to divide a room and make your space work twice as hard.

Forget drywall – here we’ve gathered the best room partition ideas to help you divide and conquer.


5 room divider ideas

Clever ways to segregate the floor plan.


Using a corner sofa to divide a room


1. A corner sofa

No longer confined to the periphery of the room, a corner sofa can act as a fab room divider.

Just use one back edge of the couch to create an internal ‘wall’, sectioning off the spaces and creating ‘zones’ for different activities (e.g.  cooking, eating, relaxing, talking, dancing, etc.).

Modular corner sofas are particularly great for this purpose. As a fully customisable piece of furniture, they allow you to change the layout of your open-plan space – partitioning it in a way that works for you, and creating a cosy seating area that feels separate from the rest of the room.

To maintain a spacious feel, just choose a low-back minimalist design that doesn’t block your sightline.


2. A free-standing shelving unit

Another savvy idea that serves two purposes: separation of the space and storage.

Instead of putting your free-standing shelves or bookcase against the wall, why not use it as a wall instead? Simply rotate the unit so that it forms a 90˚ angle and make sure it’s completely stable.

Etagere style units with low and open-shelved designs work particularly well, as they allow light to pass through and preserve the spacious feel. Just be careful when choosing its contents. Pick decorative objects that look great from all angles and don’t be tempted to overfill.


Room divider


3. A partition wall

The OG room divider.

Sometimes you can’t beat the classics.

Partition walls are (without a doubt) the most flexible solution when it comes to separating a room. They’re quick to put up. Even quicker to take down. And these days, there are so many contemporary options available, from rustic rattan and wicker to Scandi wooden designs.

However, it’s worth putting your health and safety hat on before adding one to your basket.

Screens can very easily tip over, so if you have a household full of kids and pets, you may be better going for a permanent partition instead. Black-framed glass panels are a huge trend right now.


4. Plants

Trying to be more eco-friendly?

Plants are a natural and unique way to divide a room. Zero MDF or plastic waste required.

You could place a row of tall potted varieties along the floor, or hang planters from above. Ivy will grow down from the ceiling like a mini waterfall. If you’re feeling crafty, you could knot up a series of macramé pot hangers, or pimp up an old mobile clothes rack with a mixture of greens.

There are loads of different options. And whichever you choose, a living room divider will define different zones – without detracting from the open-plan layout – whilst also bringing a little bit of the outdoors in.


Room partition ideas


5. A wood slat wall

Very Japandi.

Floor-to-ceiling wooden slats are an incredibly on-point room separator idea.

Slim, vertical pieces of wood can be used to successfully split up the space, adding a stunning design feature without sacrificing light. And you don’t have to be a DIY mastermind to get it right. In fact, you won’t even need any power tools.

Non-permanent slats are now available to buy online, which can simply be fitted into place – without having to drill holes in your parquet or causing any damage to your ceiling. Add as many as you like, experiment with different gap sizes and get the perfect balance of style and separation.


Corner sofa available at Sofa Club


Shop our room dividing sofas today

For anyone looking to bisect their lounge-diner, this is the only club you need.

A corner sofa could be the solution, allowing you to create zones without giving up on spaciousness. And we have a huge collection of L-shapes and modular designs for you to choose from.

So why not have a little scroll? See which one would work in your space?

For further room partition ideas and additional inspo on how to divide a room, be sure to #JOINTHECLUB and follow us on Instagram. Or if you have any questions about our corner sofas – and why they could be the answer to your open-plan conundrum – you’re welcome to get in touch.

Either message us on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

We are Sofa Club and we’re always happy to help.



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