June 19, 2019

3 Fun & Funky Alternatives To Bedside Lamps

3 Fun & Funky Alternatives To Bedside Lamps

As much as we love having quick and easy access to light while in bed, bedside lamps can often take up too much space, be annoying to plug in or be aimed at the wrong spot. Whether we’re reading a quick story before falling asleep, or jotting down some midnight thoughts, your lamp needs to do the job- and look awesome while it’s doing it. Never fear, we’ve picked 3 fun and funky alternatives to the traditional bedside lamp, to help us get through the night.

  1. Bed frame lights
    Who says that lamps belong on a table? Not us. Stick these bad boys behind the bed so that, for once, you can actually see what you’re doing! These lights can be attached to the wall or to the bed frame. But we recommend matching your lights to your bedframe and then attaching two on either side for full coverage. Plus, with lights like these- fumbling to find the switch in the night is no longer an issue, simply follow the cord!
  2. Stick on wall lights
    Perfect for reading, these small and easily moved lights come in a variety of styles and strengths. Can’t quite make out a page? Simply move the light to a different spot on the wall, or hold it in your hand for the perfect position. Thank god for the inventor of glue!
  3. Desk lamp
    Okay, we’ll admit it. This one’s less practical than the others. But, hey, it looks fantastic! Who doesn’t want a giant glowing light desk? If you use your bedside light for reading or writing, avoid weak lamps such as this. Otherwise, the gentle glow from this lamp is perfect for a chat with your partner, or simply to find your phone!

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