August 11, 2020

How To Add Colour To A Neutral Space

Whilst everyone is spending more time at home, and looking at ways to restyle and revamp their space, now is the perfect time to bring a fresh happy mood with the decor in your home! The flowers are starting to bloom outside and the sunshine is finally streaming through the trees, so add a pop of colour to any neutral space to bring in the warmth and colour from outdoors. Here are a few simple and budget-friendly ways to add more colour... 

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to bring colour and personality into a home. When styling, stick to odd-numbered groupings (three will always work) and consider the colours of the book’s jacket and how it compliments the overall combination. These look great on tables or even bookshelves. 


Flowers brighten up a room as well as your mood! It’s no exaggeration to say that a little colour can go a long way, so placing colourful flowers around a room where you can see them will really lift a neutral space. 


Colourful artwork is another great way to add depth and warmth into a colourless space. This year, abstract art is a popular trend, so why not look into some abstract pieces that will contrast perfectly in your living room. Alternatively, there are fantastic online wall-art shops such as Desenio and The House Outfit were you can purchase some colourful and affordable prints. 

Fruit Bowl 

Finally, a fruit bowl is a must if you want to add some colour in your kitchen. Add lots of wonderful fruits that will bring colour to your kitchen, think bananas, apples, mango, grapes, lemons and more. All these different colours will bring a corner of your kitchen to life!

Sofa Club x

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