January 26, 2019

3 Cheap Ways To Decorate The Bedroom

3 Cheap Ways To Decorate The Bedroom

New year, new you? Maybe that ‘new you’ isn’t as rich as you hoped they’d be last year, but there’s still lots of ways you can freshen up your bedroom in preparation for the upcoming year. Here’s a couple low-cost, low-effort ways to switch it up before 2019 hits.

  1. Add some plants
    Not quite what you were hoping for? Plants can do a lot more for refreshing your mindset than you thought. Not only do they add a pop of offbeat colour into an area, but they also introduce new smells, activities and rituals (like watering and trimming) that can get you ready for living the next year a different way, your way.
  2. Get rid of old stuff
    It’s age old advice, but how do you actually follow through with it? Sit down one afternoon and take the time to go through each and every item you own and decide whether you want to keep it or not. If you do, great, you now have the freedom to repack it anywhere in the room. If you don’t, also great, you now have the space for introducing new items, creations and memories for the next year!
  3. Move the bed
    The position of your bed might not seem like much, but simply turning it 90° can completely change your perspective when you wake up in the morning. Changing the direction light comes in through your windows can also have the same effect, so if it’s not possible to move the bed- try changing the blinds to see if it feels different waking up that morning.

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