March 01, 2019

How To Repurpose Well

How To Repurpose Well

In our many years of interior design experience we’ve come across a lot of different innovative solutions to save money. But by far the best way to fight off crippling debt is to make use of what you’ve got and repurpose old items. The most important thing to keep in mind when repurposing old items is how sturdy they are, it’s all well and good looking fabulous on the bathroom wall or holding the curtains up, but if water seeps right through and curtains fall right off, it’s neither worth the time nor effort! Think about specifics and double check that the material you’re using is up to the job BEFORE getting started, once you’ve done that- sit down and think about how you can make it look the part. Gather all the supplies you need- and yes, that includes safety gear too, if you’re going to be using a drill, hammer or saw make sure you have the appropriate eye and ear protection before you get down to business!


Once you’ve decided how an item could be repurposed, and established it can stand up to the job in question- it’s time to make it look good. First, clean the item carefully and properly, the last thing you want is to be midway through attaching it to the wall only to find grease, dirt or rust raining down all over your not-so-nice-anymore home! Depending on it’s destined function, a good lick of paint could do wonders- we find that spray paint is best used for small non-wooden items- but make sure the material you’re using can handle paint before you potentially ruin it. Once your repurposed item is ready, it’s time to put it where it belongs. You may prefer not to attach it just yet, especially if you’re not sure exactly which position it looks best in. If unsure, try using temporary tape to check it does in fact look the part, before fixing it in. The end result? Stunning and hopefully, only a few pennies down!


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