July 04, 2022

Our menu of corner sofas

Our menu of corner sofas

Looking for a corner sofa?

At Sofa Club, we cater to it.

We’re a big fan of L-shaped couches. Not only do they maximise seating, utilising the useless spot in the corner of the lounge, they’re uber comfy and make a true style statement. Hence why, we always have an extensive and diverse range for sale in our store.

Our collection features a variety of different types and shapes. In fact, we offer so much choice, you’ll struggle to pick a favourite. So, why not start by having a little peruse of our menu?

This is a quick round-up of the corner sofa styles currently available. Just grab a brew, take a pew (on your deckchair/beanbag) and start to narrow down the options.


L shaped sofas available at Sofa Club


Corner sofa styles available at Sofa Club



Diagram of L shaped sofa

This is the most ‘traditional’ style of corner sofa.

One width is shorter than the other – typically featuring one less seat – and both sides are finished with a classic armrest.

L-shaped sofas can be left- or right-hand facing (LHF or RHF).

When ordering online, people very often get this direction muddled up. But it’s really easy. If you stand facing a left-hand corner sofa, the corner will be to your left. If you stand facing a right-hand corner sofa, it will be to your right. Simple.



Diagram of double corner sofa

Double corner sofas are a bit of a misnomer.

People often (incorrectly) assume they have two corners – but that would actually make them U-shaped. Rather, they’re just two 2 seaters, attached in the centre using an extra seat.

Thanks to their perfectly symmetrical design and 90˚ angle, they’re a great option for square rooms – slotting neatly into the corner and freeing up the rest of the space for other furniture… exercise…tipsy dancing on a Friday night. Whatever, really.




Diagram of chaise corner sofa

The ultimate ‘lounging’ couch.

Essentially, this is a 2 or 3 seater sofa in which the corner seat extends out to the front – creating the perfect space to put your feet up, stretch out and truly relax (á la French style).

Again, chaise corner sofas can have either a left or right configuration. And as they usually have a compact structure, they optimise space and are fantastic for smaller lounges.




Diagram of high back corner sofa

High back corner sofas are the height of fashion.

A shameless pun, but true.

Reminiscent of eras gone by, they’re timelessly elegant – with a taller backrest than a standard couch and classic features, such as large armrests and visible feet. Yet new styles have also been given a modern update to suit the 2022 home.

Due to their design, they offer superior support for the neck and back. And work particularly well in living rooms with a high ceiling, balancing out the height and helping to fill the space. 



Diagram of scatterback corner sofa

Like to sink back into lots of plump cushions, with a good book and cup of tea? Say hello to the scatterback corner sofa.

Sometimes known as a ‘pillow back’, this particular type of corner couch is characterised by several extra-large cushions – which are loosely arranged to create the back support.

It’s a design feature most often used on contemporary models. But at Sofa Club, we also use loose cushions on all of our chesterfield-style sofas – combining the distinctive features of a chesterfield, with the sumptuous comfort of a scatterback. 



Diagram of modular corner sofa

100% customisable.

Our modular corner sofas give you the freedom to create the ‘perfect’ couch for your living space. Made from a series of individual sections. Simply arrange the sections in the config you’d like and slot them together – Lego style.

You can either pick ‘n’ mix the pieces. Or purchase one of our pre-selected corner sofa sets. Either way, they’re a versatile option – that will flex to meet any style or size of lounge and can be continuously updated to suit your changing needs.



Corner couch available at Sofa Club


Browse our corner sofa collection

Decided on the ideal corner sofa style for you?

Next stop – our corner sofa collection.

You can filter by size, colour, fabric type and whether you’d like a high back or scatterback design. So tick the right boxes and start scrolling. Your dream sofa could be just a few clicks away.

Of course, choosing a corner couch is a big decision. We want you to be 100% confident you’ve found the right one, and we’ll do everything we can to help. For a little one-to-one assistance, you’re more than welcome to slide into our DMs. Or just send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk.

We also have several sofa lounges up and down the country, all of which are open daily – with many corner sofas on display and friendly staff on hand to help. So why not pop down and pay us a visit?



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