April 16, 2020

Make Your Home Feel Cosy With Hygge

If you haven’t already heard, the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ is quickly catching on when it comes to interior design. Transforming your home into a hygge haven is about creating interiors where you feel relaxed, cosy and comfy – think mood lighting, neutral colours and snug textures. Here's how to achieve that feng-shui feeling in your very own hygge home...

Set the tone with low-level lighting

Clever use of lighting is one of the easiest ways to hyggify your home and create a soothing atmosphere, and there is no need to overcomplicate things – just think romantic candles and low-light lamps. To achieve an extra cosy feeling, why not incorporate some mood lighting? Switch off the overhead ceilings lights in favour of low-level coloured pendants and dimmer lamps.

Layer up for a laid-back vibe

If you want to design a room where you can hibernate hygge-style, get your soft, snug fabrics at the ready. Drape warm textures – including sheepskin, wool and cashmere – on your armchairs, sofas and footstools to create an inviting, relaxed vibe, and throw in a big shaggy rug and scatter cushions to complete the look.

Neutral colours make for a relaxing room

Hygge colours tend to be neutral to create a sense of calm. Whites, creams and greys accentuate natural daylight and give off an earthy feel – perfect for your spiritual sanctuary. Play it safe with a subtle shade for your walls and you’ll soon have a fresh, clean space.

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