December 19, 2022

5 sofa accessories to gift to your corner sofa

5 sofa accessories to gift to your corner sofa

Go on, admit it. You love your corner sofa.

More than the dog? More than bae? More than Great Aunt Doris?

Hey, there’s no judgement here. But it does beg the question – if you’re buying the rest of your nearest and dearest a Christmas gift this year, why not your beloved L shape too?

We think it deserves it. After giving you cosiness, comfort and statement style day after day. The least you could do is treat it to a little festive present. And as corner couch experts, we know exactly what’s on their wish list.

Take a look and hit the shops.


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The official corner sofa Christmas wish list


1. A cosy (albeit trendy) blanket

You’ve got a new ‘fit for the 25th, so why not dress your L-shaped sofa for the occasion too?

After all, fashion isn’t just for the runway.

To ensure it looks its absolute best, treat your couch to an on-point blanket. If you’re feeling crafty (or have limited funds), you could attempt to hand-knit a chunky merino throw. With the help of YouTube, it’s not as difficult as it sounds – and is a thoughtful gift, straight from the heart.

Or if you fancy splashing the cash… Hermes Avalon is the ‘it’ blanket of the season.


Sofa Club corner couch with throw and cushions


2. New cushions

A corner couch can never have too many cushions.

There may be a stack of ‘em already under the stairs. But where’s the harm in a few more, right?

To stick to the festive theme, either pick out novelty designs with fun slogans and sequins. Think ‘ho ho ho’, ‘Santa stop here!’, ‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal’ in red, green and gold. The sofa’s equivalent of a garish Christmas jumper. Or keep things classy with subtle shades and Fair Isle patterns.

Prefer to buy something they can wear all year round?

Then just invest in a new threesome of prints and colours that match your existing colour scheme.


L shape sofa with festive cushions


3. Fragrance

Not the type that comes in a fancy bottle. We’re talking scented candles and reed diffusers.

Less Coco Chanel, more Jo Malone.

This one may not be a sofa accessory, per se. But it’s something that no self-respecting trend-led sofa should be without. Pop it on the coffee table in front of your L-shaped four-seater. Make yourself a mug of your favourite hot choc and settle down for a cosy candle-lit movie night.


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4. Greenery

Every corner sofa needs a green, leafy friend by its side.

A little bit of nature to complement its neutral tones, and keep the room feeling fresh.

So why not treat it to a Poinsettia this December? The ultimate festive foliage, available in vibrant red or frosty white. Or go big and bold with a giant Monstera or tall Devil’s Ivy.

Just a word of warning, though. A plant is for life, not just for Christmas. And even if it is a gift for your couch, we guarantee, your couch won’t take care of it. That’ll be left to you. So if you’ve not got time to feed and water and generally keep it alive, you’re better off going for fake greenery instead!


5. A spotlight

Your L-shaped sofa isn’t just a sofa – it’s a statement.

Sexy, stylish, sumptuously soft. It’s the star of the lounge and it needs to be in the spotlight.

To ensure everyone stops and gives it the attention it deserves, treat your couch to a new floor lamp. One that can be tactfully positioned to illuminate its features and allow it to show off.

An oversized arc is a guaranteed winner. Fitted with a warm light, it’ll create a super cosy ‘hygge’ atmosphere for the winter months and highlight your special spot among the cushions.


Corner sofa available at Sofa Club


Further gift inspo is available

The perfect gift for your most prized possession is a personal choice.

But if you’re eager for more sofa accessory tips and ideas – whether it’s for Christmas, or just because you just fancy spoiling/sprucing up your couch – this is the only club you need.

Our socials are full of advice and inspiration on corner sofa styling, so be sure to take a look. #JOINTHECLUB and sign up for our newsletter. And if you have any questions (or would like further insight into what an L-shaped couch wants), feel free to get in touch.

Either DM us on WhatsApp or send an email to


Not got an L-shaped couch yet?

That’s a damn shame. You won’t know true love until you’ve had one.

Our advice? Save the sofa accessory ideas until next year. This December, put ‘corner sofa!!!’ right at the top of your own Christmas wish list – and just call us Santa.

Here at Sofa Club, our little elves are always busy designing and creating the prettiest, comfiest and most spacious corner sofas. We have lots of different styles and colours to choose from. And we reckon there’s one in our collection that you could easily fall head over heels for.

So why not have a little scroll?

Drop us a massive hint (i.e. place your order) and, next December, you’ll have one more ‘loved one’ to add to your Christmas shopping list.



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