August 07, 2019

Styling A Bookshelf With 5 Essential Decor Pieces

Styling A Bookshelf With 5 Essential Decor Pieces

Styling a bookshelf can be a great way to demonstrate your personality and style in your home.  Your bookshelves allow you to play with different colours, textures and patterns. Starting to decorate your bookshelves can be a bit daunting though. So that's why we are sharing with you the five elements every bookshelf needs to look amazing...

If you have a bookshelf, you have to have some books to go on it! Books are great standing on their own, leaning against something or giving height to another decor piece. You can choose books that match the room’s overall colour palette or go more monochrome.

Trays & Bowls
Another must-have when decorating your bookshelves are trays and bowls. Trays are great because they can ground several different objects that would seems like they were floating and disconnected otherwise. You can also lean a tray against the wall like a piece of art! Bowls you can use to hold plants or they can just stand on their own. We advise stacking a few books and placing a decorative bowl on top. 

Every bookshelf should have some life in it (or maybe some faux life for those of you that don’t have a green thumb). You can get plants meant for hanging that will cascade down your bookshelf, or choose smaller plants to help fill in holes in your bookshelf.

Vases are another key element that every bookshelf should have. They add so much visual interest to a bookshelf because they come in all shapes, sizes and colours! You can put florals or greenery in them for even more height, or let them stand alone.

Baskets & Boxes
Bookshelves are not only a place to decorate, but also a place to store. To get some functionality out of your bookshelves, we recommend hiding away the not so pretty stuff in baskets or boxes. You can find baskets that go with the style of your bookshelf decor and they will make sure your bookshelves stay clutter-free and beautiful! 

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