June 18, 2020

The Future Of Interior Design in 2020

Our living spaces greatly influence our physical health as well as our emotional state of mind, and since we have all been at home a-lot more than usual due to the current pandemic, it is important to create environments that stimulate our senses in a good way, improve relaxation and have health and wellness benefits. Here are a few ways of interior designing your home to help create the ultimate living space...

Adding Antibacterial Materials

  • Metals such as copper, brasses and bronzes are natural antimicrobial materials that have intrinsic properties to destroy a wide range of microorganisms. Not only are these metals hygienic, but they are great accents to warm up your home.
  • Quartz is one of the hardest non-precious stones on earth, therefore countertops made from quartz are hard, stain and scratch-resistant, and the most sanitary. Quartz is already popular, and that will only increase post Coronavirus.
  • Woods like bamboo, oak and cork stop bacteria and microorganisms from growing. We love the look of warm lighter oak woods for flooring, and think this will continue to be a big trend in home design.

Separating Spaces

  •  Office spaces and study areas are more necessary than ever.  As more of us work from home, a dedicated office and space for studying is essential. Many of us quickly had to convert areas and rooms to our own home offices – showing us the importance of a separate space. Homes with multiple areas for getting work done like offices and study areas will be even more popular in design.
  • Multiple areas for activities and entertainment, such as home gyms, media rooms and game rooms will be necessary to keep everyone entertained.  During this pandemic, we have found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands, so whether it’s a family game night or a workout, the need for a space for everyone at home has only increased.

Bringing Calm Home

  • Bringing in nature will be emphasised in many different ways going forward. From using earthy neutral colours and tones that reflect the natural world, to having lots of greenery in your home to help boost overall wellbeing.
  • Being quarantined at home makes us realise what is really necessary, and clutter can cause anxiety and discomfort. So organisation will be emphasised a lot in the design of our homes going forward - through de-cluttering, smart storage and built-in shelving.
  • A sense of security and calm will definitely be present in interiors. When the world is full of uncertainty, having a space that feels like an escape from the outside world, with soft and cozy materials, light colors and relaxing vibes, will be a prerequisite of design.

Sofa Club x

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