February 03, 2022

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Laura

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Laura

Welcome back to Homes in The Spotlight. Another one of our favourite home accounts @aterraceupnorth has answered some interior questions, giving some insight to how to achieve a homely and cosy living space. Follow on for some wise words of home wisdom..
1.What was your inspiration behind starting a home account?
I am really into interior design and all things creative. I wanted to bring my visions to life and what better opportunity to do that than starting a home account!
2. Love it! What interior trend are you fully embracing in your home right now?
We have different colour palettes for different rooms, but I love anything cosy and homely rather than following specific trends!
3. How would you describe your home style in 3 words?
Bohemian, abstract and modern.

4. A celebrity home you'd love to visit?
Jean Paul Gaultier's to see how he blends his quirky side with traditional features.
5. What a home that would be to visit! What is your best home purchase vs home purchase fail?
 Best home purchase would be our sofa. We really wanted a corner sofa, it fits perfectly. If you need to be mindful of space, a corner sofa is a great option!
Home purchase fail would be a wicker basket, Oscar the cat LOVES to get his claws into it, meaning it’s not a cat friendly purchase!
6. Oh dear Oscar! Which room do you spend the most time in and why?
Without a doubt our living room, it’s east facing with high Victoria ceilings. Every morning all the light and warmth from the sunrise is let in, making the room bright, cosy, and comfortable.
7. Sounds dreamy, we would love to have our morning coffee there! What is your favourite way to unwind at home?
Listening to music, writing in my journal and watching a good movie (with candles - and lots of them!)
8. We couldn’t agree more, definitely the perfect way to unwind. Lastly what is the best home tip you've ever received to share with our followers?
I’d say don't try and fit people’s expectations or force home trends, just make it something that feels like a home to you! At the end of the day, you’re the one living in it!
You can check out Laura's stunning home account here: @aterraceupnorth
Need some inspo? Check out her latest styling reel here: @terraceupnorth
Stay tuned for more upcoming Q+As and don’t forget to tag us in your home content featuring our sofas - we would love to feature you in one of our upcoming blogs. 
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