June 30, 2022

How to measure a corner sofa

How to measure a corner sofa

“Shhh…ugar! It won’t fit.” 🤦‍♀️

The four words you’re aiming to avoid.

Ordering a corner sofa that’s too big may be a funny story to tell at the pub. But once you’ve stopped laughing, the reality is, it’s just an extra stress that you could do without. 

Sofa Club is officially the home of stress-free sofa shopping.

Not only do we offer super fast delivery, all of our corner couches arrive in multiple components – making them easy to manoeuvre (through narrow doorways and tight corridors, if necessary) and assemble in situ. And we’ll do everything we can to ensure delivery day is easy breezy. But you’ve got to meet us half way.

Alongside picking a colour, style, fabric etc. – measuring up should be a crucial step in your sofa choosing process. Don’t just plump for one at random and hope for the best. Do a bit of prep work at your end and pinpoint the right size for your space using our guide.

That way, you’ll be sat with your feet up (and a smug grin on your face) before you can say “Just put it there please”. Corner sofa catastrophe – averted.


L shape sofa available at Sofa Club


4 steps to choose the ideal corner sofa dimensions



Before brandishing the tape measure, it’s a good idea to think carefully about the room – including how it’ll be used and what would work, logistically, in the space available.

For example, where will the sofa be positioned? Would it block any doors or windows? Are there any radiators or shelves in the way? Do you need a small corner sofa to fit snugly into a compact lounge? Or is it an open-plan area that could benefit from a statement, large corner sofa?

Put your sensible hat on and find a spot where the sofa will have the space it deserves.



No matter how eager you are to get to the good bit (i.e. scrolling our collection), hold your horses. First, you need to figure out what you’re working with space wise.

If the room has existing furniture, perhaps use the dimensions of this as a guide. Is it too big? Too small? Or just right? If the room is a blank canvas, measure horizontally from your chosen corner, to work out the maximum length and width it could accommodate. 

After all, there’s zero point getting your heart set on a corner couch that just won’t fit. Keep things real and use these measurements to filter your search and whittle down the options.



Found your dream L shape sofa in our range? Silly question. Of course you have.

Precise dimensions for all of our corner couches can be found – surprise, surprise – under the ‘dimensions’ tab, along with a handy diagram to help make sense of the numbers.

Our advice? Grab a newspaper and map out these dimensions on the floor. It may be an old-school method, but it’ll give you a clear idea of how much space the sofa will take up. And it’s an easy way to play around with different options – sizing up and down until you find the perfect fit.

Not got a newspaper to hand? Not to worry. Our site also has a very 21st century AR function. Just point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code and view the sofa (virtually) in your space.


Modular corner sofa available in our collection



So you’ve established that your chosen style will fit in the room. But can you get it there? Will it squeeze into the tiny lift up to your fifteenth floor apartment? Or through that unusually slim doorframe? Could it be navigated around the tricky bend in the staircase?

It’s important to think carefully about these things before you hit ‘Order’.

At Sofa Club, all of our corner sofas are delivered in (at least) two components – which makes access issues… well…much less of an issue.

But if you’re still worried, it may be worth choosing a modular corner sofa instead. Each module (or section) arrives individually boxed. Which means, they can be easily navigated through your home and will only be slotted together once they reach their final destination.


Still struggling with your corner sofa measurements?

Don’t be embarrassed – it happens to the best of us.

Measuring for a sofa can be a tricky task, particularly if it’s L shaped with two lengths to consider. But for further tips and info, this is the only club you need.

Our experts are always happy to help. Whether you’re getting your corner sofa dimensions in a muddle or would like to pick our brains on the best corner sofa size for your space, you’re welcome to hit us up any time – day or night. Either send us a WhatsApp message or drop a line into our inbox at customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.


Always room for error

Somehow managed to get your measurements mixed up?

We’re not going to lie – with the tips in this blog, accurate dimension diagrams for all of our corner sofas, our high-tech AR function, plus the expertise of our specialist delivery duos, it’s difficult to understand how you could get them so wrong…

But c’est la vie – stuff like this happens. We don’t judge.

And even if you are left uttering those dreaded four words on delivery day, it’s really not the end of the world. You’ll just look like a bit of a dingbat 😉.

This is the home of stress-free sofa shopping, after all – so we’re hardly going to leave you saddled with a couch that doesn’t fit. That would be unreasonable. If you’re struggling to manoeuvre it into the room or it looks ridiculously big (or small), just send the blighter back to us and have a good laugh about it over a glass of vino.

It’s no biggie.

We offer zero-hassle 100 day returns on all of our corner sofas.

Your 100 days starts from the day of delivery, giving you plenty of time to make your mind up. And all we ask is that it’s returned in a fully re-saleable condition – in the original packaging – so we can find it another good home. You can either get a full refund (and pretend it never happened) or you can re-scroll our selection and find a corner couch that’s more suitable.

We have styles to suit pretty much all lounges – big, small and everything in between. So with a little more measuring – and some valuable assistance from our team – we’re sure you’ll have more luck the second time round and find the perfect sized L-shaped for your space.



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