January 20, 2023

Decluttering tips for a minimalist lounge

Decluttering tips for a minimalist lounge


The start of a new year.

The perfect month to press the reset button and declutter your home – starting with your lounge.

As the busy hub of the house, it can easily become a dumping ground for the bric-a-brac of everyday life. But trust us, chaos and disorganisation definitely aren’t en vogue this season. And they certainly won’t do any favours for your mental health.

Physical clutter = psychological clutter.


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So, why not get it in check?

Set aside an afternoon and follow our decluttering tips for a tidy house and tidy mind.


5 tips to declutter your lounge

Stop hoarding and go minimal.


1. Purge the chaos

If you don’t use it, love it or really want it – it’s time to get rid of it.

Grab two boxes; one for the things you’d prefer to keep, the other for items you’re happy to either give to charity or sell. Then strategically work your way through the mountain of clutter.

That old board game collecting dust under the sofa? Donate it.

Old magazines? Toss them.

Kiddo’s football trophy from 2018? Put it somewhere safe.

Once all the unwanted items have been purged, it’ll be easier to organise the survivors.


Streamlined corner sofa available at Sofa Club


2. Streamline your furniture

Fact – most of us have too much furniture in our living room.

Two sofas. Multiple tables. Numerous lamps. A couple of chairs that nobody ever sits in. It’s all just a bit OTT. Instead of creating a cosy ‘lived-in’ look or making the room seem inviting, it actually has the opposite effect – giving your space a cramped and claustrophobic feel.

To make a lounge appear as spacious as possible, it’s better to invest in a few pieces of ‘functional’ furniture. And (perhaps unsurprisingly) we reckon a new corner sofa is a great place to start.

Rather than having a messy combo of two- and three-seaters, a corner couch will provide the same amount of seating (if not more), whilst taking up less valuable floor space. To add to the streamlined look, simply opt for a low-lying minimalist design and slot it neatly into a 90˚ angle of the room.


3. Give every item a home

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

If you’re aiming for a chic, minimalist aesthetic, tidying away your daily mess is non-negotiable.

From the tangled charging cables and TV remotes on the side board to the blankets and throws piled up on the sofa, they all need a spot of their own. Perhaps a designated drawer? Or a woven storage basket? Somewhere they can retire to at the end of the day once they’re no longer required.

Make a conscious decision about where things should (ideally) be stored – and try to stick to it. That way, the important stuff will be easily accessible, whilst also being hidden blissfully out of sight.


Decluttering tip for the lounge


4. Reel in the decorations

And not just the Christmas decs.

Whatever your preferred taste – contemporary, boho, classic, modern deco – our advice is the same. The key to a pared-back living room is pared-back decoration. Stick to a neutral colour palette – think whitewashed walls and furniture in neutral tones – and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Feel free to add a couple of green plants or a little pop of colour.

But to avoid overcrowding, forget about filling shelves with those quirky nick-nacks or ornaments (no matter how sentimental they are!). Be selective with your decorative pieces and organise them in small groups. Two books on the coffee table. Three candles on the bookcase. Less is always more.


5. Introduce a catch-all container

Clutter is sneaky.

No matter how hard you try to keep it at bay, somehow, it always finds a way back into your living room. Which is why, once you’ve finished decluttering, it’s worth preparing for the next invasion.

The best tactic is to invest in a catch-all container – perhaps an oversized basket or ottoman? Something that will provide a temporary solution for that inevitable build-up of chaos.

Books, blankets, charging wires, dirty laundry, neglected toys, odds bits of Lego. Throw them all in. And once it’s full to the brim, that’s your cue to sort it out and return each item to its official home.


Decluttered living room featuring a sofa from Sofa Club


Share your ‘lounge declutter’ reel with the club

January is the official month for decluttering the home. It seems, people want to start the new year with a fresh, clean lounge – and we’re so here for it.

Lots of ‘cleaning and decluttering’ reels have been popping up on our socials lately. And if you happen to follow the decluttering tips listed above, we’d love to see the results. Just tag us in your pics and videos to be featured!

Or, to really up your decluttered game, why not take a look at our online range of corner sofas? They’re the perfect starting point to create a sleek, organised and minimalist lounge.


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