July 28, 2022

Double chaise sofa – oui ou non?

Double chaise sofa – oui ou non?

What could be better than a comfy chaise corner couch?

 A double chaise sofa (obvs.)

Offering up double the style, double the convenience and – most importantly – double the comfort, it’s the perfect option for a duo who likes to stretch out. Just what you need to put your feet up in tandem and master the art of doing nothing (á la French style).

At Sofa Club, we know trends. And the double chaise longue is officially one of the biggest trending sofa styles of the post-covid era – for both living rooms big and small. Here’s why you should #jointheclub and invest in one for your home. 


What’s the difference between a chaise and a double chaise?

A chaise longue (French for ‘lounge chair’) is a chair that’s built for ultimate lounging, with a seat long enough to stretch out. Added onto the end of a 2 or 3 seater, it creates a chaise corner sofa, with two or three ‘normal’ seats and one that extends out to the front.

Just as the name suggests, a double chaise lounge sofa is double-ended (Oo la la!). It’s a 2-4 seater couch with a chaise longue tacked onto each side, creating a large U-shaped design – which makes a statement and has enough room for several people to fully recline.


Double chaise lounge sofas available at Sofa Club


One is good, two must be better

Why has the double end chaise lounge become a firm fave?


1. It makes a statement

This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill sofa.

The double chaise is très grand and très chic. It demands attention.

Those available in our store are runway styles, that could have been plucked straight from a Paris fashion house. They’re designed for the trend-setters; people who want to be bold and make a statement. If you’re looking to give your lounge the wow factor, they certainly won’t disappoint.


2. It provides comfort for everyone

No more fighting over who gets the chaise for a little post-work R&R.  

With a double end chaise lounge, you can both lie back and chill out in style. And there’s still enough space for Doggo to curl up in the middle.

In fact, due to their size, double chaise sofas offer a range of lounging options. And whether it’s just you that’s stretching out in solitude or the full fam settling down in front of the TV, space will be plentiful and comfort is guaranteed for everyone.


3. It ramps up the seating

A double chaise lounge sofa may be opulent, but it’s also worth its weight in gold.

Slotted neatly against a wall or into the corner of the room, it will optimise the space – even in a small lounge – and create enough seats for several bums. The angular shape allows people to face each other and socialise. Plus, it doubles up as a comfy guest bed for last-minute stayovers.

Perfect for those Friday night soirees and family get-togethers.



What are the options?


Diagram of 2 seater double chaise sofa

2 seater double chaise sofa

Unconventional yet uber cosy. This 2 seater layout is ideal for a compact living room. By pushing two chaise longues together, you get the same level of comfort as you get with a bigger U-shaped design, without consuming the floor space.

It’s a bit like a love seat, but better. Perfect for Netflix and chilling.



Diagram of 3 seater double chaise sofa

3 seater double chaise sofa

A French-style 3 seater.

This double chaise layout works well in any size lounge.

It’s for the couples who both want to relax after a long day at work. The busy families who’d like to snuggle up together. Just pile everyone on (including the dog) and take advantage of the endless comfort. 



Diagram of 4 seater double chaise sofa

4 seater double chaise sofa

This is the one that really makes a statement.

Made to take centre stage in an open-plan space, the 4 seater double chaise is big, beautiful and lavish. And it’s perfect for a large group.

Invite your pals for pre-drinks. Be the hostess. Gather your nearest and dearest for a catch-up. With this sofa, the more the merrier.



Too large for your lounge to handle?

Nonsense. Ok, so there’s no denying – they do look fab when they’re big and bold and the focal point of the room. But you certainly don’t need to live in a fancy château to reap the benefits of a double chaise sofa….

Smaller versions, designed for a more humble abode, do exist.

In fact, some even come with detachable and moveable footstools. Which means, you can put your feet up when it suits, then shift the chaise bit out of the way when you need the extra space for Yoga, crystal gridding, playing Twister, tipsy dancing etc.

Plus, modular double chaise sofas are also available, allowing you to buy each section individually and mix and match to build your preferred size.

  Example of 2 seater double chaise sofa


Take it from the people who know: the truth is, a double chaise can be a very wise choice for a small living room – maximising seating, without consuming too much space. And there’s absolutely no need to push it all the way up against the wall.

This can actually have the reverse effect, highlighting the rooms limited dimensions.

Our advice for those with a compact lounge?

Be proud of your double chaise. Pull it away from the periphery, give it a chance to breathe and show off. Group it together with a large rug and coffee table. And opt for a low, minimalist style in a light shade – a nifty trick that creates the illusion of height and gives the room a more open, spacious feel.


Our best-selling double chaise sofas

Double chaise sofas are trending right now – so, it’s a given that we have them in our collection. Here’s our top three best sellers (and personal faves).

 Our best-selling double chaise sofas


1. The Bishop

Designed with a busy abode in mind, this double chaise lounge design – complete with four seats and two moveable footstools – is certainly a conversation starter. Not only does it get all the compliments, it has enough space for 6+ people to get comfy and encourages your social side.


2. The Belgravia

Inspired by the elegant streets of London’s Belgravia, this double chaise lounge is another popular choice – striking the perfect balance between style and comfort. It looks good, but it feels good too. And is the ideal match for anyone wanting to escape the chaos of day-to-day life and unwind in their own home.

Available in ‘Shades of Grey’ and ‘Champagne Campaign’.


3. The Primrose

It may have only just been added to our line-up, but this one has already gone viral.

A fresh spin on the double chaise superhit, Belgravia, The Primrose is designed with the principles of Japandi in mind. It combines soft, natural colours with a low profile and chic detailing, and offers the trending combo of simple minimalism and cosiness.

Made for ultimate unwinding sessions or entertaining with space and comfort.


Best-selling double chaise sofa


Order your double chaise today

Take a look. You know you want to.

Peruse our full online collection at a leisurely pace. Embrace the French laidback way. And discover your ideal double chaise today.

If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to get in touch – either by messaging us on WhatsApp or dropping an email into our inbox (customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk). Or why not visit one of our exclusive sofa lounges and see what all the fuss is about in person?





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