December 04, 2018

3 Tips to Save Money Christmas Decorating

Hands up if you’re secretly jealous of that one friend who goes completely OTT on Christmas. Same, but we’re not jealous of the bill! If you’re looking for a great Christmas this year but you don’t want to splash out, we’ve collected some top tips for saving money during the most expensive time of the year.

  1. Make a list, check it twice
    Except this one isn’t for Santa, it’s for you and your poor, sweet, innocent budget! Much like overspending on food shopping, people often overspend on Christmas shopping too. Lots of things in each shop are distracting, it’s easy to get away from yourself and add bits and pieces to your trolley until you’re drowning in tinsel and singing Santas! Making a list prevents that and helps you to stick to what you came for.
  2. Go gentle on the lights
    We love a good set of Christmas lights just as much as the next person, but if you want to avoid being on the electricity companies naughty list, keep an eye on just how much power you’re using! Always turn lights off when you go to bed or leave the house, and take note of how energy efficient the different Christmas lighting options are before you buy, so you’re not in for any nasty shocks later!
  3. Buy early (or late)
    The best time to buy Christmas decorations is actually in January, when unsold stock from the month before is discounted heavily to try and get rid of it. Most people haven’t got the patience to wait 11 months to use their new lights and trees, but if you find yourself struggling with a budget every year, make sure you see the deals on offer next month. You may just have to make an exception!

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