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#JoinTheClub | Inside Amelia's Modern Glam Home

#JoinTheClub | Inside Amelia's Modern Glam Home

It's no surprise that home and interior blogger Amelia from @homesweethome_2k18 has an envy-inspiring home. Infused with her slick, minimalistic taste, her home is a modern glam sanctuary filled with Pinterest-worthy details. It is a neutral haven, with statement sofas and the perfect home accessories to draw inspiration from. We took a peek inside Amelia's home and asked her some style-savvy home questions...


How would you describe your home style?
    I would describe my home style as modern glam. When we moved into our house in November it was very much a standard new build with magnolia walls and I couldn't wait to get stuck in with the decorating. I think I drove my other half a little crazy with how passionate I have been as I did decorate 7 rooms in just a couple of months! My favourite room would be our living room; lots of people comment that it looks like a show home but to me it still feels really comfortable and homely. It's very easy for all new builds to look the same nowadays so I wanted to come away from that and add some nice textured feature walls. 


    What things should people invest in when looking to update their living room?
    First thing, a decent sofa. This is your space to relax, wind down and switch off. So you want a sofa that is comfortable but of course, one that also looks the part! This is where I highly recommend Sofa Club to anyone looking for new sofa's because they are super comfortable, great quality but also very affordable! Lots of people ask me where they are from and can't believe the price tag with how expensive they look. We have the Windsor 4 seater and 1 seater in grey; the detail in the arms is just gorgeous and really adds that glam look to our living room. We also have the matching footstool which I style with a white faux fur rug. Other things I suggest investing in would be a great TV cabinet (like mine) or a fireplace which could be upcycled. And I always stand by the saying ‘the difference a lick of paint makes’.

    Which homeware items can you purchase on a budget? 

    Most of my homeware items are done on a budget! I get lots of my ornaments, artwork and faux plants from The Range, Home Bargains, Pound Stretcher or Ikea. I'm also quite keen on upcyling furniture as you'll see on my Instagram. I have upcylced the small round table in my living room and our dining set, both of which were cheaper items from Ikea. Never did I think we'd be able to get sofa's at a great rate, but our Windsor set from Sofa Club was an absolute bargain! We originally bought a Windsor Corner Sofa for my other half's Car Dealership and were so impressed we went to one of Sofa Club's Pop-Up Stores and bought a suite for our new home. 
    Where do you find most of your home inspiration? 


    Most of my home inspiration is found on Instagram; it used to be Pinterest and I do still use this platform but I find Instagram has a lot more ideas. I follow lots of interior and home accounts and some of the ideas they share I would never have thought to do myself so it really is great for inspiring me with what to do next in my own home. 
    For those thinking about starting a home account on Instagram, what are your top tips? 
    Do it! I started sharing some of my home decorating pictures on my personal account and some followers made sarcastic remarks as they didn't want to see it so I decided to make my home account. I very rarely even go on my personal one now! I really enjoy following other people's home transformations and renovations as well as getting little DIY and cleaning tips. If you do start your home account just keep it relevant to interior posts and stories, with little bits of what you're up to as people do like to see a face to an account but are mainly following you to see your home. The Instagram home community are so welcoming and you will find you'll make friends with people through it that you wouldn’t have met. Main thing, enjoy it and use other people's posts and stories as inspiration to help turn your home into the place you look forward to returning to ever day. 


    Check out Amelia's beautiful home account - @homesweethome_2k18

    Sofa Club X

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    July 04, 2019

    Lovely home. Wonder how long delivery took considering I e been waiting two months for mine.

    Luke Yeomans
    Luke Yeomans

    July 03, 2019

    This is superb, great right up and superb pictures. Love it!! Well done!

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