October 24, 2018

How to get playful with ombré

How to get playful with ombré

When we think of ombré we think of hair colour, but room colour is a late tagger on to the trend! Simple and stylish, it’s a playful way to introduce character or to add fun to a boring area. If you have a half wall, or wood panels, a great idea is to start an ombré effect from half up, highlights your lovely wall features and makes the rest of it more interesting at the same time!

Don’t think that this very chic and stylish way to add colour to a room is confined to the profeshs, it’s easy to do and only needs small amounts of different shades of colour. Layer the colour going from darker shades up to create the perfect creative frill for your home. You only need 3 shades, one light, one dark and one medium to create a stunning rainbow of the same colour on the wall. You’re not limited to one colour, have a go at two colours, starting from opposite ends of the wall and meeting at their lightest shade in the middle, for some really beautiful and cool effects. Nor are you limited to wall painting either, this effect can be used creatively in all sorts of different areas of the home. We love blue ombré curtains but we can’t stay away from ombré chests of drawers either! 

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