February 14, 2022

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Jessica

Kicking off the week with major inspiration in today's Homes in The Spotlight blog. Another one of our favourite home accounts @ourbloor_atno20 has inspired us with her interview and gave us a detailed insight to her style around Jessica's home.
1. What was your inspiration behind starting a home account?
We really loved the idea of having a new build home, something that was fresh and pretty much a blank canvas. I started using Instagram to find other home accounts for inspiration prior to moving in to our first home. After setting up our own home account 2 years ago,  I never thought one day I’d have 5,000+ followers. I feel so grateful to have such lovely followers and also hope that I’m inspiring them too.
2. What interior trend are you fully embracing in your home right now?
I’d say my interior choices have definitely changed over the past few years! I’m currently very much into the trend of calming neutrals, linen textures & contrasting black elements throughout our home. Your home is definitely a reflection of your personal style and you’ll only ever find me in black or neutrals!
3. How would you describe your home style in 3 words?
I’d describe our home as fresh, minimalistic & modern but I’d like to think with a soft, cosy feel. 
4. A celebrity home you’d love to visit?
That’s a hard one, there’s so many! I’m not sure if they’d be considered a celebrity but ‘Shea & Syd McGee fromthe Netflix series Dream Home MakeoverI would absolutely love to visit their home, it looked ridiculously beautiful on the series and their interior design ideas are amazing.  Also I would have to say Olivia Culpro her home gives me serious envy!  
5. What amazing homes they would be to visit! Best home purchase vs home purchase fail?
A purchase fail for us has to be our old Sofa, we did the mistake of buying the sofa before we moved in and I’d regretted it ever since. It was definitely style over comfort and the grey colour really darkened the lounge. The Chelsea corner sofa is definitely our best home purchase! I’ve loved it ever since we got it and so much more my style. 
6. The Chelsea is classic and timeless we can see why it's your favourite purchase! Which room do you spend the most time in and why?
Unfortunately the room I’ve been spending the most time in for the past 18 months is my dressing room which I’ve had to convert in to an office, sat behind the laptop all day! But I do have to say the lounge is my favourite place to relax at the end of the day so if I could spend the most time here I would
7. Favourite way to unwind at home?
I’d have to say pj’s on, a good Netflix series & cosup on the sofa is my favourite way to unwind at home, sometimes with a glass of vino (but only at the weekend!)
8. The best way to unwind! Best home tip you’ve ever received to share with our followers… 
The best home tip I’d share with anyone would be that whilst so many home accounts can offer lots of inspiration, it’s easy to get caught up and manifest about your home not always looking insta-worthy. My advice would be to just incorporate your own style throughout your home and what matters is that your own interiorsmakes you feel happy and at home. 
You can check out Jessica's gorgeous home account here: @ourbloor_atno20
Need some inspo? Check out her latest styling reel here over on our @sofaclub.uk Instagram! 
Stay tuned for more upcoming Q+As and don’t forget to tag us in your home content featuring our sofas - we would love to feature you in one of our upcoming blogs. 
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