March 16, 2020

Spring Cleaning & 4 Things To Do Whilst At Home

Spring Cleaning & 4 Things To Do Whilst At Home

With all the fear and uncertainty at this time, and many of us staying indoors, we are turning our attention to the upcoming spring season and how we can start organising our homes ready for the warmer months. Remaining productive at home is crucial, and maybe some extra time at home could do us all some good—if we choose to use the time wisely. Cooking, spring-cleaning and decluttering seem to be top of peoples lists, so here are 4 achievable tasks to help spring clean your home...

1. Clear out clothes you don’t wear

Open your wardrobe and drawers, notice how you usually wear the same things every week? Now’s a great time to get rid of the others: clothes that don’t fit, clothes that are old and clothes that you may think are out of style. Clear these clothes out and open up your closet ready for your Spring wardrobe. 

2. Clean out your car

Too often our vehicles fill up with unnecessary things: old CDs, sunglasses, receipts, coins, empty water bottles, the list goes on. Grab two bags: one for garbage and one for items to relocate. Fill them with everything in your car that doesn’t need to be there. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can empty your car of unneeded clutter. And why not give it a clean while you're at it!

3. Organise with food storage containers

We've all seen the stunning pictures on Pinterest of peoples pantries and cupboards styled to perfection with food storage jars and containers. Let these inspirational pictures inspire you to transform your kitchen and do the same while you have an extra bit of time on your hands? 

4. Clear your desktop

A clutter-free desktop on your laptop or computer is such a beautiful place to get work done—whether it’s career-based work or home-based work. So find some time and finally clear yours. Organise you're desktop with folders, colour co-ordinate if that is something that appeals to you, and get all those files sorted ready for a productive few weeks at home. 

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