December 28, 2018

How To Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom

How To Bring Mother Nature Into Your Bedroom

Imagine coming home after a long day to a calming oasis of life. Away from the hustle bustle of people and work, you can finally relax. Being with nature has been proven to have an amazing range of benefits, from reducing long term stress to making us less tired. Even if you’re not planning to go full nature themed, everyone should consider adding a little bit more greenery into their bedroom, even if just to try. You’ll thank us later!


It’s obvious plants are a must have if we’re looking at nature. But there’s lots of different ways to get the full nature feel, make sure you use natural textures and plant materials as much as possible. Hemp and rough woven fabrics are perfect, but also consider adding some animal textures such as fake furs or wool. If you’re deciding on actual plants, pick large leafy green varieties that can sometimes feel more jungle than the jungle itself! Make sure you let a lot of light into the room and don’t put plants on walls unless they’ve specifically been waterproofed- unless mould is part of the natural experience you’re looking for!


Plant materials aren’t all you’ve got to work with, natural things like wood, stone and pebbles are great for disguising concrete or plaster. If you’ve got a garden, collect pebbles, rocks, twigs and logs that you can then arrange into feature pieces. We’re loving decorating chests of drawers with twigs and pebbles stuck on and painting natural colours such as green and brown around the material. Sooo relaxing!

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