May 14, 2019

3 Ways To Separate Space

We’ve all been in living arrangements that are far from perfect, but sometimes we don’t have a choice and just have to make the most of it. Whether you’re short on space and trying to cramp multiple functional areas into one small room, or you’re full on people and trying to make sure everyone has a bit of breathing space for themselves; don’t worry, there are several ways to carve out different areas of a home.

  1. Bookshelf
    Small homes sometimes struggle to fit a bookshelf in a normal spot, but don’t throw out your reading material yet- a bookshelf can also double up as a divider for a section of the room. Place one side of the bookcase against the wall and don’t leave too much space between the other end and the other wall. For best results, imagine creating a square shaped space, with the bookcase acting as a single wall. The upside of this method of dividing space is the potential for extra storage on the shelf itself. Not to mention it looks great!
  2. Lines
    It’s all well and good using a big and clunky piece of furniture to section off areas, but what about in places where there’s just not enough space to do that? You probably don’t have a bookshelf for every room, so use the lines of objects and furniture instead. Our eyes automatically see the difference between one side of a line and the other, so painting or adding a line over a wall or as a decoration is a great and cheap way to divide a space.
  3. Wallpaper
    Wallpaper is another amazing way to signal the end of one room and the start of another, use it when there’s walls in between rooms andwhen there isn’t! This trick is especially useful when there’s bold patterns involved, don’t be afraid to make an area stand out! When your surroundings are different, you feel different.

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