March 20, 2022

In The Mood For A Spring Fling? Fall In Love With Your Home!

In The Mood For A Spring Fling? Fall In Love With Your Home!

In the mood for a Spring fling? Fall in love with your home this Spring!                  

Spring has officially arrived, making it the perfect time for a Spring clean. Cosy interiors have been the fundamentals of our cold winter, but heading into spring calls for a brighter new look. 

Minimal Living

The minimalist trend is warming up this spring and offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere full of natural light and a connection to the outdoors. White unifies the spaces and wood tones and earthy shades of brown promote warmth. 

It is time for the black accent colour to go. The monochrome look is sleek and classy yet resembles an autumn/winter feel. To complement the white and copper elements that are in this spring, try replacing the '30% colour' with a soft brown. The colour brown is dominating the colour wheel this year and always looks timeless and classy. Scared of colour? Try introducing wooden features including tables, panels or walls to accompany the white across the rooms and help lift features, losing any stark character.

Natural Hues

The nature culture has been embedded into our lifestyles for a few years now - channel this trend by adding natural materials to encapsulate the outside in. Materials such as marble and muted stoneware surfaces are popular this year, as well as stylish handcrafted sculptures and imperfect organic accessories, such as Kyo bowls and wicker furishings. Ceramic is also making a comeback! 

Make It Fruity

Get ready for a low-cost spring hack that upgrades your room in seconds. Make it fruity! Spring doesn’t mean you have to spend money changing up your whole interior, it’s the smaller styling hacks that can set your home apart. Lemons, limes, and oranges are the ideal fruits to pop inside a gorgeous abstract stone or glass bowl and lift the space instantly with light. They provide a real focal point and statement in your home effortlessly.

A fruit bowl introduces the accent colour to your room. Need a reminder on the accent colour? It’s the final 10% of “the colour of three”. The best part of the 10% accent colour is that it is super easy to switch up and can completely bring a new look to the room as you can see with a fruit bowl. Adding colour can be daunting, pairing your interior décor back to the fruit colour will help tie loose ends together, bring the room to a close and effortlessly create a spring home that you fall in love with.

Noughties Revival 

Minimalists, look away now. The noughties revival is one going into overdrive. The bare maximum trend has taken over. The Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired decor schemes that favour muted colours, clean lines and understated furniture is slowly being dominated by the “more is more” maximalist aesthetic. For maximum impact, add neon or pastel candles to make the perfect centrepieces on your dining tables. Complement with flowers and other ornaments in bright contrasting colours to create a statement! Looking to enhance your Spring space from ceiling to floor? Every fashion influencer is buying these quirky candle pieces and it’s caught the eye of top designers. They really are a must this Spring!

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