August 20, 2018

5 ways to bring a little bit of Bath to your home

5 ways to bring a little bit of Bath to your home

We all like to let our hair down after a hard day at work, and what better a way to do it than having a nice little de-stress sesh without having to fork out for yet another trip to that oh so relaxing slice of heaven spa! But wait, what if I told you your plain old bathroom is the perfect location to turn into your very own relaxation chamber. Here are just a few ways you can add some of the feelings of the famous spa town to your own knock off version:

  1. Putting seaside collectables such as shells, pebbles, dried starfish, even the odd full-sized anchor can really set the scene for relaxation.
  2. Keep in mind the other senses, you don't run just on visuals! Adding relaxing scents such as jasmine, lavender, lemon or rose or burning incense sticks can work wonders for lifting the mind, especially while lying in the bath. Playing music, preferably from a speaker rather than the back of your phone (we've all done it) is a must for loosening up after a long day.
  3. Large mirrors and layers of bright and mild colours with pops of healing colours such as blue or green serves to relax and ease tension.
  4. Bright lights and open spaces, even throwing in a single crystal for good and relaxing vibes can do wonders. We're loving hanging crystals, like disco balls, in the light of the window.
  5. Switch your shower and bath, use a large round shower head and go for as large a bath as possible for those deep SUPER comfortable 'Ahhhh' moments.

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