May 12, 2019

3 Ways To Use Plants Around Your Home

3 Ways To Use Plants Around Your Home

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of loving and growing your very own plant. We give them water and light- but they provide us with something too, relaxation! Plants are a very important part of keeping the mood relaxed in a home, and as such, homes with more plants in them tend to be more relaxing. Love your little green friends but not sure how best to use them? Here are 3 of the best places to show off your green thumb.

  1. Drape them
    There’s something about draping leaves that just oozes a feeling of luxury. Hang plants from the ceiling, or place on shelves and gently encourage leaves to flop down. Be extra careful that these plants get the right amount of sun as they cover such a wide area.
  2. Use pot plants
    There’s nothing more classic than the standard by the sofa pot plant, mix it up with a touch of colour- or raise the plant off the ground to get a different effect. Stick to large plants for this type of placing, as smaller plants can easily disappear into the rest of the room.
  3. Plant curtain
    Looking to be more adventurous with your plants? Gather some sun loving sprouts and pile them over the window to act as makeshift blinds. They do a great job of blocking out some sun, but not too much. Don’t forget to water these regularly!

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