January 17, 2022

Blue Monday: Ways To Boost Your Mood

Blue Monday: Ways To Boost Your Mood

Blue Monday has come round again, known officially as "the most depressing day of the year”. Although this day was technically a made-up concept by a man in marketing (no, really it was), there is an equation that summarises why we feel more down on this third Monday of January. A combination of post-Christmas blues, cold weather and desperately waiting for the next pay-day has often led to many people feeling down. 

The formula, [W + (D-d)] x Tq ÷ [M x Na]

Understand it? Us neither! We're not into formulas, just as much as we aren’t into Blue Monday, so we want to to make your day a little bit brighter! We are bringing you 6 ways to bring some joy to your day, as well as a little surprise at the end of this blog that you won’t want to miss!

Stay Active

Releasing those feel-good serotonins comes easiest with a bit of exercise. Understandably the idea of exercising may feel extremely daunting to some, we have all felt anxious at points of our lives when it comes to exercise, knowing it is the right thing to do with your day, but almost every time pushing it aside. To overcome that feeling, take it one step at a time (literally). Perhaps walk your dog for 5-10 minutes or play hide and seek with the kids. There is no right or wrong way to do exercise; a few of our favourites is pilates, boxing and a good sweaty HIIT session!

Look Good, Feel Good

When do you feel your best? For us, it’s always when we've made an effort, whether it's makeup, a new hair do, a fresh new outfit or slapping on some aftershave (for any of our male readers out there!). A simple thing such an an outfit change or makeover can help to bring out the best version of ourselves to work or at home every day. 


Drink some tea, why not? But when you drink that tea, fully romanticise that moment as if you’re in a film or ready to take on the day ahead. Have a cuppa with a friend, at work or with a loved one, take a moment to relax and enjoy the connections with others over a nice cup of “positivi-tea”. There is so much choice now, treat yourself to a herbal, matcha or good old English breakfast!

Mini Meditation

The concept of stillness is the first step to meditation. Meditation can sound daunting but simply adding 5-10 minutes to your morning or night-time routine will bring calmness and positivity to your day. It is as simple as sitting down in our areas of chaos and bringing calm energies into these places by breathing in for a count of 4 and sighing your breath out for a count of 6. Envision the best version of yourself, what they look like, what they are doing, how they are feeling. The main objective is bringing the focus back to you. Bringing the balance into these places can transform your mindset entirely and be the first step in the right direction to further self-care rituals that may currently overwhelm you.

Feel Good Playlist

Finally, the reveal you have been waiting for. Our favourite way to lift spirits high and bring balance back into your day is through our "Sofa Club Classics" playlist.

That’s right, we have pulled together the ultimate feel-good songs for you to listen to at home or during your travels. Each of us here at Sofa Club Community have added our favourite fun song for you to enjoy. Take a look at our Instagram to find out how you can be in with a chance of winning some Prosecco glasses just by sending over your favourite feel good song.


Enjoy and remember someone from marketing made this the most depressing day of the year. Remind yourself and this person that you can be in control and that you are ready to make it a great day.

Sofa Club x

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