June 19, 2022

What is a modular sofa?

What is a modular sofa?

Modular sofas.

So modern. So stylish. So clever.

They’re just so… Sofa Club. And they’re having a bit of a moment.

These intelligent designs have featured in glossy interior mags for a while now. But over the last couple of years, we’ve lived through the sofa revolution – where living rooms truly became for living in – and modular sectional sofas have finally taken their place in the spotlight.

Still not sure what the term means?

Let us bring you up to speed and explain why you 100% need one in your life.


A game of Tetris and Lego

Modular sofas are simply customisable couches.

Often, you’ll see them called sectional sofas. But don’t be confused – they’re the same thing.

Essentially, they’re made from a series of sections – including single seats, corner seats, arm pieces, chaise pieces and footstools. These sections can be arranged in a shape or size of your choice, giving you the freedom to create the ‘perfect’ couch for your current needs and wishes.

Think of them like the pieces in a game of Tetris – just a little less garishly bright!

Once you’ve picked the individual components, they’re simply slotted together (Lego-style) to create the full sofa – with no tools or experience required. And taking it apart is just as easy. So if you wish to reconfigure the sections in the future, you can.

Nifty, right?


Modular sofa available at Sofa Club


Reasons to move to modular

Where on earth do we start?

Not only are they super practical, they’re stylish and cosy and – in our opinion – the unsung hero of the lounge. They certainly have a lot going for them. But if we had to summarise the top three benefits of a modular couch? We’d say:



You get to create a sofa that works perfectly for you.

Need enough space to play host to your fam? No problem. Pop together a few sections and create a modular corner design. Got a house full of humans and animals – all looking to park their bums in front of the TV? Sure – go big with a U-shaped sectional. Or maybe your ridiculously tiny compact city apartment needs a compact couch to match? You got it.

Sectional sofas can be configured to suit any style or size of lounge – letting you make the most of those awkward corners and unused spaces, or act as a divider in a spacious open-plan room.



It’s fair to say, most of us ride in the fast lane.

We live in a time where things happen quickly, spontaneously – people switch jobs, move home more frequently, our priorities are constantly changing, and families can grow overnight.

But the good news is? If your circumstances alter, your sectional couch can be altered too. The layout and size of the sofa can be easily (and continuously) updated to fit your current requirements. Which means, no need to buy new every time your lifestyle changes.



As the home of stress-free sofa shopping, modular sofas certainly fit our ethos.

Each section is individually boxed. So there’s no need to fret about the logistics of delivery. Narrow hallways and tight door frames are no longer a sticking (or getting stuck!) point. We’ll simply navigate the boxes through your home separately and assemble them in situ.

Whilst a traditional 3 seater or corner couch can be difficult to move, sectional designs are the opposite. If you want to switch up the shape – or take it with you to a different room or property – simply take the ‘Lego’ pieces apart and put them back together again yourself. No sweat.


Example of sectional sofa available at Sofa Club


Pick ‘n’ mix components to create your perfect couch

The beauty of a modular sectional sofa is that it flexes to meet your needs. And at Sofa Club, we have the individual pieces to create the perfect couch for everyone. Whether you pick ‘n’ mix components or choose one of our pre-selected sets, here are some of the most popular configs.



2-3 seater modular couch


Perfect for a modest living space. Start at base level by selecting two arm pieces and creating a classic 2 seater. 

If two suddenly becomes three – or you upgrade to a bigger home – it can be easily turned into a 3 seater or corner couch, to match your evolving needs.



Modular corner sofa


Popular with the socialites.

A corner design is perfect for anyone who likes to hold a soiree or invite their faves for a weekly catch-up.

Go symmetrical and create a double corner sectional. Or opt for a left-hand or right-hand design, by adding a single arm piece to either end of a standard 3 seater.



Modular chaise sofa


A style designed with ultimate lounging in mind.

Just add a footstool to a traditional 2 or 3 seater to create a laidback chaise longue – perfect for lying back, relaxing in solitude and channelling your inner Frenchman.

When guests pay you a visit, simply detach the footstool and – voila! – you’ll have enough space for several bottoms.



U-shaped modular sofa


For a living room where size does matter.

Line up enough sections to create a 4 seater sofa, then add either an extra arm piece or a chaise longue to each end. 

These are big designs, ideal for big families – or just really tall people who like to stretch out! But they can be easily broken down into smaller sofas, perfect if you’re downsizing or wish to split the sections across different rooms.



Browse our modular sofa collection

Think a modular sofa could be for you? Of course they are… they’re for everyone.


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Take the first step towards sexy, snuggly, flexible sectionals and scroll through our full online collection today. We have an amazing range of designs, colours and fabrics to choose from – so you’re bound to find your ideal match. And once you’ve moved to modular, you’ll never look back – guaranteed.

Not sure which is the right style or configuration for you?

Our Insta page is packed full of top tips and inspiration – so why not join the club? You’re also welcome to get in touch at any time. Just slide into our DMs on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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