October 12, 2020

House Plant Care 101

House Plant Care 101

Plants are one of the most important elements of design; they bring so much life to any space and make it so much more beautiful and vivid. These simple tips along with some easy-to-care-for plant recommendations will make you the best plant owner... 

1. Get familiar with the plant before you bring it home

Remember that every plant is different with different needs - some plants do not need any special care or much watering, while others will need more touch, love, and care to thrive. So before you purchase your plants, get familiar with their requirements and see if you can give it the attention it needs.

2. Do not overwater

Beginners often think that lots of water will keep their plants healthier and will help them grow faster; however, this is far from reality. Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes as it can cause your plants to wilt, the leaf to drop, and will often slow down or even stop their growth.

3. Location, location, location

Plants need to be in the right spot to thrive faster. Going back to getting familiar with your plants, check if your plant needs low, medium or bright light to thrive and then place it accordingly. The heat in the room can also affect plant growth so take into account the temperature of the various rooms you are putting your plants in. 

4. Give your plant a “hair-cut”

When you get a hair-cut your hair feels much healthier and grows faster, well it is the same situation with plants! Trim the dead ends and get rid of yellow unhealthy leaves! This will help them grow faster and stronger.

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