November 28, 2018

How to Rock a Winter Rug

How to Rock a Winter Rug

Oh yes! A long and deep rug is perfect to curl your toes into on a long cold winter night. Fluffy, soft and oh so comfy you can’t get much better. The best rugs seamlessly blend in with room they’re placed in while at the same time adding character and warmth. There are two roads, rug wise, you can head down, the first being full comfort and winter protection. Blanket on lap and soup at hand, your feet surrounded in pure and simple, dark and cosy warmth. The second road is using your rug to remind you of summer, rugs are a great part of African and sunny cultures as well, and can be used to conjure up images of the bright and energetic days of July. A brightly patterned rug, with short fibres and maybe even animal or African shapes or inspirations is great for lifting the mood when it’s dark and cold outside. Add a footstool over your rug and you’re set and ready for waiting out the winter.

Don’t be afraid to mix around the positioning of your rug, or even to mix up the shape or pattern you’d normally go for! If you have a coffee or end table, consider matching your rug shape to that and link the two areas of the room together like that. Don’t forget that when it comes to rugs, there’s nothing wrong with having unusual fabrics. If you find your rug is clashing with your sofa or any other furniture, simply add similar cushions or wraps to bring everything together! 

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