June 28, 2019

3 Things To Clean Before Summer Ends

3 Things To Clean Before Summer Ends

It’s coming up to the middle of summer and we’re certainly not through with all that sun yet. Despite this, it’s a good idea to make sure your home is clean and ready for when autumn finally comes. Here are 3 things you should aim to clean while the sun is still shining to make the most out of the long days of summer.

  1. The outdoor furniture
    Cleaning outdoor furniture can be a hassle, but it’s worth it to finally be able to sit down without worrying about messing up your clothes. The long and hot sun is important for drying out such things, so, get out your scrubbing brush, pick a good morning and leave your furniture to dry over the next couple of days.
  2. The patio
    While the patio often gets a rinse during the winter months, it’s not so easily cleaned over the summer. Make sure your patio is clean with a quick sweep and hose down. At this time of year, plants often start growing between the cracks in a patio. Keep some weed killer or a manual weed removing tool on hand to keep the nasties at bay and you won’t have any trouble come winter.
  3. The windows
    There’s nothing worse than it being a nice sunny day outside, but not being able to enjoy the same fun inside. Keep your windows nice and clean; not only so that the summer sun can shine through- but also to give winter’s feeble rays the best chance when you need it.

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