July 21, 2022

Small living room sofa ideas - maximum seating in a minimal space

Small living room sofa ideas - maximum seating in a minimal space

Time to outsmart that restricted floorplan.

True – a compact living room does limit your furniture options to a certain extent. But no matter how many humans (and animals) live in your home – or how many guests you like to invite to your soirée – sitting on the floor is never the only option.

You’ve just got to be clever with your seating.

Forget about the trad 3 piece suite. With the right ‘small living room sofa’, you can use your lounge to its full potential – maximising seating, whilst using minimal space – and make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Here are just a few cunning ideas to get you started.


5 sofa ideas for a small living room


1. Use the empty corner

To pack a real punch into a tiny space, the trick is to utilise every cm.

Don’t let that empty corner go to waste. Why not use it wisely and slot in a small corner sofa?

L-shaped couches are the ultimate space-saver. Pushed neatly into your chosen 90˚ angle, they create extra seating – without looking too overbearing – and free up the floor in the middle of the room for a coffee table, stylish rug, your weekly attempt at yoga etc.


Sofa Club recommendation:

The Chelsea Relaxed Linen Corner Sofa

Perfectly proportioned for a compact living room, this is a small sofa with a chaise – designed to fill the area, without being too domineering. Or, if you’d like to double up and make space for every bottom, opt for the Chelsea Relaxed Linen Double Corner Sofa in Shades of Grey or Stone.


Small corner sofa available at Sofa Club


2. Go low (and symmetrical)

Twinning sofas can work well in a small lounge – but crucially, only if you choose a low-back design. That way, you can place them directly opposite each other, with the TV wall-mounted above.

This is a great option if you wish to use your lounge for both small screen viewing and socialising

Not only does it provide ample seating, it’s also functional, allowing you to have a conversation or watch a film with equal comfort. And the mirrored layout creates the illusion of more space.


3. Scale things down

Rule 101 – choose furniture that’s to scale with your room.

Your lounge may not be big enough for a large 4 seater. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create enough seats for four people (or more) in your lounge. You just need to think a little smaller.

Compact 2 seaters are the perfect sofa for small spaces. Perhaps invest in two and position them on either side of your fireplace? Or try the same idea using love seats? Big enough for two friends to snuggle up, they offer seating space and sociability, whilst leaving enough room for manoeuvre.


Sofa Club recommendation:

The Portobello Luxe Linen 2 Seater in Seashell

Combining comfort, style and practicality on a small scale, this is the perfect choice for a cosy living room. Or if your space is very ‘bijou’, plump for the Sloane Luxe Chenille Love Seat instead.


Small living room sofa and love seat


4. Add a multi-tasker

Multi-functional pieces of furniture can make your mini lounge work harder.

Our advice? When shopping for a sofa for a small room, look for one with a matching footstool or ottoman. This will provide handy overflow seating for when you’re entertaining a large group. But the rest of the time, it can double up as a cushy coffee table in the middle of the room.

Just remember to add a tray before putting down your vino – spillage is sacrilege!


5. Stay neutral

Ok, so this doesn’t technically increase seating space. But choosing light, neutral shades can make the room seem much bigger and airier than it actually is. Which means, you may be able to squeeze in an extra sofa or love seat – without things looking too overcrowded.

Perhaps opt for a coordinated 3 and 2 seater sofa set in a calming tone of grey or cream?

Or combine a small L shape sofa with a matching armchair in white?

But keep in mind, the key is to be sensible. Sofas deserve space to breathe and show off – and no matter which colour you choose, neutral or otherwise, you should never try to cram too much in!


Sofa Club recommendation:

The Soho Range

This is a brand new design, only very recently launched. The collection features a range of corner sofas, 2 and 3 seaters and a large footstool (i.e. coffee table). All of which come in muted tones of ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Cool Rain’ – making them the perfect understated option for a small living space.


Sofas for small spaces


Shop our small living room sofas today

For anyone size-challenged sofa shopping, this is the only club you need.

We reckon we have the perfect couch for lounges of all dimensions – including the less well-endowed. Take a look at the recommended small living room sofas listed above. Or simply browse our full online collection and check the dimensions to see if your fave style will fit in the space.

If you’re still struggling to outwit your floor plan, further inspo can be found on our Insta page.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to contact us at any time. Whether you’d like more advice on the best sofas for a small room or have a question about one of the designs in our store, either message us on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

We are Sofa Club and we’re always happy to help.



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