May 23, 2019

3 Ways To Capture The French Feel For Your Bedroom

3 Ways To Capture The French Feel For Your Bedroom

Sacré bleu, this bedroom just won’t do! The bedroom should be calming, relaxing and charming- and who else accomplishes all these things in their style and design other than the French. Not to fear, the professionals have got you sorted. Here are 3 foolproof ways to capture that romantic and regal feeling for yourself!

  1. Keep it classy
    Hold off on the tacky addons or trinkets, the French know their gold from their straw and they won’t settle for any less than beautiful! Hand painted details are great, but be careful not to overdo gold paint- which can easily rub off and ruin the look in the future. Instead, invest in fake golds or other precious stones and never overdo the fineries!
  2. Colour it royal
    The French are known for both their chic and modern style and their lush and luxurious touches. Whichever you prefer, both these use the same rich colours! Stick to deep reds, gold, purples, whites and greys. Not only do all of these colours look amazing, but they’re also all calming- and perfect for helping us sleep at night.
  3. Invest in French furniture
    There’s nothing like a single door curved wardrobe, and there are other ways to magic up a genuine French vibe too. Large headboards, gold picture frames and fireplaces, even if fake, are perfect examples of traditional French furniture. Don’t be shy to include a few of these items in your bedroom. If you have the luxury, French doors onto a balcony or large bay windows take this look to the next level!

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