August 25, 2020

Home Decor You Need This Autumn

Home Decor You Need This Autumn

A new season can be exciting in several ways, particularly if you’re looking to incorporate the changing weather and landscape into your interior design. To many, Autumn is the season of pinecones, pumpkins and cosy times with hot chocolate by the fire. So with the increased incentive to spend time in the comfort of your warm home, the Autumn period is ideal for making small decoration changes that can improve your post-summer or back-to-school mood...


The cooler weather often makes for more enjoyable, cooler evenings. If you have a balcony or garden space, consider installing string lights and investing in throw pillows and lanterns to create a cosy haven.  Switch up the vibrant colour patterns of summer for the more muted earthy tones of autumn, such as dark oranges and burgundy.


Nothing suggests the build-up to Halloween like mini-pumpkins. If you have young children, they are likely to enjoy the idea of having these Autumn holiday staples on the kitchen counter the entire season. You’ll want to place the pumpkins in the middle of a beautiful plain dish on your kitchen’s centrepiece counter. The pumpkins should preferably have different colouring from each other to add authenticity and a rustic edge!


Plaid is reminiscent of barn parties and late summers in the countryside. There’s something classic, homely and comforting about plaid prints and their pigmented red, blue or brown colouring is ideal for dressing up a dining table. This gives added vibrance to the center of your dining room in a subtle and tasteful manner. 


Bedding is likely to be one of the few decoration areas where you might not have much room for change. You have likely already chosen your bed frame, mattress and bed sheets based on what best matched your overall interior style. However, there are plenty of small adjustments you can make for the Autumn season. Switch up your pillowcases with colours that are evocative of autumn, and use materials like wool, which will be soft to the touch and in line with the cosy feel you are aiming for.

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