June 26, 2022

Sofa for the kitchen? We cater to it

Bench seats and bar stools, move over. It’s time for something different.

A sofa… in the kitchen.

It’s by no means conventional. But it’s certainly trending. Over the last couple of years, more and more people have started to pull their cosy couches into the space where they cook and eat. Why?


Perhaps it’s a side effect of the open-plan design?

No longer a passing fad, large multi-functional spaces have become a natural feature of the modern home – blurring the lines between different rooms. And a stylish sofa is the perfect way to separate ‘areas’, without re-building walls and ruining the vibe.


Maybe it’s due to the pandemic?

We’ve lived through a revolution – in which our homes truly became for living in.

Lockdown turned the humble kitchen into an office, classroom, gym, craft room and more. And now, in this post-covid era, it’s less of a space for preparing food and more of a space for family and friends to gather, catch-up and enjoy quality time together.

Adding a couch is like the final piece of the jigsaw. A comfy spot to sit in a much more active room.


Or maybe it’s just an excuse to put your feet up while tea cooks?

In which case, we say…good for you!


Whatever the reason, at Sofa Club, we’re here for it. Kitchen sofas insert extra cosiness into a room where you spend a lot of time. Not only do they enhance the décor, they give the space additional functionality. But for it to work, there are a few things we reckon you’ll need to keep in mind.


Examples of sofa in the kitchen


3 things to consider when choosing a kitchen sofa

The kitchen is an action-packed space. Cooking, eating, pouring drinks – it’s where all the messy stuff happens. Hate to break it to you, but spills and stains are inevitable. And for that reason, choosing a sofa for the kitchen isn’t quite the same as choosing one for the lounge.

Here’s our three words of advice:



When it comes to kitchen sofas, functionality is key.

It’s important to choose a couch that works for the size and style of your kitchen. But it’s also nice to know that you can change the sofa or relocate it in the future.

Modular designs give you that freedom. You can create a couch that perfectly fits your space – big or small. Update the layout whenever you like. And if the worst happens, and one of the sections is damaged beyond repair, that individual section can be very easily replaced.



Durability is an important factor to consider when buying any couch. But for a kitchen diner sofa, it’s essential. No matter how many ‘couch rules’ you lay down, we’re only human and accidents will happen. Which means, you’ll need a hardwearing fabric that’s easy to maintain.

Our recommendation? Velvet.  

It gets a bad rep, but on the durability stakes, velvet actually ranks really highly. It doesn’t have any loose threads or raised weaves, so it’s difficult to snag or scratch. Stains are easily hidden by the texture – especially if you choose a dark colour. And they’re pretty straightforward to look after.



We always advise our customers to pick up a 5 Year Care Plan and Cleaning Kit at checkout. But when it comes to a sofa for the kitchen, we insist – put it in your basket (please).

Not only does it contain the recommended cleaning solutions to tackle ‘emergencies’ and keep your couch in just-purchased condition, it also offers fantastic accidental cover. If you spill your vino or your new Levi’s leave a mark, we’ll sort it.

 Sofa for the kitchen


Scroll our kitchen sofa selection today

Ready to be your trend-setting self and jump on the ‘kitchen couch’ band-wagon?

Of course you are.

Whether you like to entertain and want to bring the action into the kitchen, or would just like to keep an eye on the kids whilst cooking dinner, there are so many ways in which a kitchen sofa could improve your home life. So why not succumb to the trend and check out our edit?

Our modular sofa range is the best place to start. But in truth, any of our couches would make a great addition to the kitchen. Just have a nosey around and choose one that works for you. And if you have any questions, either DM us on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk.


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