April 03, 2019

Keeping Your Home On Trend Without Your Pets Messing It Up!

Keeping Your Home On Trend Without Your Pets Messing It Up!

The pitter patter of little paws can be a happy sound or one that’s dreaded, depending on whether or not you’ve just cleaned the carpet! We love our fluffy friends, but we also love having a clean and stylish house. Don’t worry, it’s possible to have both of these things, just remember to keep pets in mind as you design the place.


As much as we love our furry pride and joys, sometimes it can seem as if they’re actively plotting to ruin our fabrics. Time to throw out the rug? Not quite. Instead, pick more durable options. Each pet will have a different amount of destructive power, depending on their personality, how well trained they are and their size. You know your pet and you know which furniture and fabrics they’ll ruin and which they won’t. That velvet sofa probably isn’t the best choice for a husky, but it may be just fine for a house cat. If you’re struggling to find indoor furniture that’s durable enough for your animals, outdoor versions might be better for you- as these tend to be more hardy. Leather sofas such as the Dulwich can be great for messy animals, as leather can be easily cleaned and wiped- and fur and hair doesn’t get stuck within the fabric.


If hair is your main problem, make sure you’re well equipped to clean. There are several special fur cleaning devices for carpets and rugs- but we suggest mostly sticking to wooden flooring and using the vacuum instead! Try to get into a routine to clean- but make sure to brush your pets regularly too as this can reduce shedding.

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