February 17, 2023

Parisian chic – trending courtesy of Netflix

Parisian chic – trending courtesy of Netflix

Emily in Paris.

Tell us you’re obsessed as much as we are!

Maybe you watch it for the plot? Or maybe just for the eye candy? 🤤

But either way, I think we can all agree – everything on that programme is 100% on-point. From the epic runway fashion to the ‘less is more’ décor of Sylvie’s apartment, it’s all so très stylish. And the series perfectly showcases Parisian chic interior design: understated, quietly confident and just a little bit sexy.

Want to bring some of that Parisian je ne sais quoi to your lounge?

Here’s how.


Parisian chic decor


5 Parisian interior design ideas

That defo aren’t ringarde!


1. Chaise corner sofa

A silhouette that epitomises Parisian chic.

Introduce a chaise corner sofa to your lounge and you’ll soon master the art of doing nothing (á la French style). This is a couch that’s built for lounging, allowing you to fully recline and enjoy true relaxation – whilst you flick through the latest edition of Le Monde and sip on your Kir Royale.

It’s effortlessly stylish, laidback (literally) and practical.

To up the French vibes, choose a chaise sofa made from luxe velvet or chenille. And either stick with neutrals (cream, white, light grey) or go for something jewel-toned, such as olive green or blue.


Chaise corner sofa available at Sofa Club


2. Curves

Rewatch the series (we know you want to) and take a closer look at the furniture. You’ll see there are plenty of standout shapes on the sets of Emily in Paris. But very few of them are linear.

When it comes to Parisian chic style, soft curves and gentle edges are the way to go.

From that pink curved couch at Savoir’s Agence Grateu’s office, to the globe lamp on Emily’s desk, pretty much everything is fluid and curvaceous. And thanks to Sofa Club, it’s an easy look to replicate. Just add our first-ever curved sofa – Runway 203 – to the centre of your lounge!

To complete the voluptuous look, introduce fluted mid-century furniture in whitewashed wood and a couple of rounded love seats. After all, this is living room décor inspired by the city of love...



Curved sofa in Parisian chic lounge


3. White walls

Thanks to the city’s beautiful architecture – think sky-high ceilings and portes-fenêtres (i.e. door-sized windows) – Parisian apartments are blessed with an abundance of natural light.

Not so blessed in your compact London studio?

To create the illusion of an airy lounge, the trick is to incorporate plenty of white. Freshly painted white walls and light parquet flooring are the bones of pretty much every living space in Paris – bringing out the details of the vintage ornaments and maximising the sunshine and daylight.

Grab your paint brush and create a blank canvas.


4. Decorative moulding

A traditional element of Parisian interior design.

Decorative moulding is commonly used to dress up the walls – whilst sticking to the ‘less is more’ sensibility and maintaining a classy pared-back look. Mouldings are typically white and vary in terms of their intricacy, from the straight and streamlined to the elaborate and fancy.

A modern way to add moulding to your lounge is by using panelling – perhaps on just one feature wall. It’s subtle and sophisticated, yet adds just the perfect amount of visual interest. 

Alternatively, small flourishes of detail can also emulate the look. Think tables with gilded legs. A large ornate mirror propped against the wall. Gold photo frames on your statement mantelpiece.


Parisian interior design


5. Chandeliers

Mindy has it right...swing from the chandeliers!

This sparkly style of lighting is an absolute must in any self-respecting Parisian-inspired lounge. The trademark final touch. The magic item that screams ‘Paris!’ and ties everything else together.

If you’ve opted for modern furniture, balance it out with a grand vintage design (or at least, one that looks like it could be vintage and expensive!). If you’ve opted for classic furniture, create contrast with a modern style – such as bubble lamp chandelier or unique spider-light design.

This mixture of old and new is called ‘bourgeois bohème’ – bobo for short. Parisians absolutely adore it and it’s a look that appears in many of Emily’s fave hangouts.


Channel your inner Emily and go Parisian chic

French interiors echo the French attitude to life – look relaxed and never try too hard.

To get on the Champs-Élysées to success – and nail the Parisian chic look – simply start by upping your sofa game. Invest in a chaise corner sofa or curved couch from our collection. Grab a tin of white paint. And put up a statement light fitting. It’s as easy as that.

More Parisian design ideas can be found on our Insta page.

And keep in mind, if you have any questions, we’re a bunch of self-confessed Emily in Paris fans. Whether you want further Parisian décor inspiration or just want to discuss who Gabriel will eventually choose (Team Emily 🙌), you’re welcome to contact us at any time.

Either send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk or DM us on WhatsApp.


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