August 04, 2020

The Basics of Interior Design And How You Can Use Them In Your Home

The Basics of Interior Design And How You Can Use Them In Your Home

It can be difficult to determine your interior design style and know exactly how to decorate a specific room in your home. Fortunately for you, the experts here at Sofa Club have summarised the basics, leaving you more time to spend on the fun design stuff. Cheat your way to the best interiors with these key home tips... 

Balance negative space

Negative space is the space in a room that isn’t occupied, such as a bare floor area. It’s important to balance this space so that it’s roughly the same as the occupied space in the room. If you feel like your room is too empty with a 50:50 space distribution, try filling the negative space with eye-catching colours, however, stay minimal with furniture and decor to keep it from looking cluttered. We love the use of the large rattan rug that occupies the floor, which is balanced out with a stone sofa, a pop of colour in the cushions, and a beautiful large plant and art on the walls to balance out the space. 


From sofas to side tables, all the most beautiful things are symmetrical. There’s something about a mirror image that soothes and relaxes our eyes and brain and the image of a symmetrical room isn’t any different. Try to pick a line of symmetry that lines up with the door, and balance furniture and decorations on each side for a more aesthetically pleasing look in your home. We love the matching sofas sitting adjacent to one another, with the addition of two stylish cuddle chairs to balance out the room. 

Keep it simple

The best homes are the simplest ones, so don’t get too carried away with colours and accessories. Less is more, so we advise sticking to a small colour palette and keeping the styling similar throughout the room to really achieve that minimalist yet homely feel. Here is an example of bringing in deep blues and navies, and complementing the darker colour with a beautiful blush and grey combo!

Sofa Club x

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