June 16, 2022

Sofa cushions: 3 cushion combinations to accessorise your statement sofa

Sofa cushions: 3 cushion combinations to accessorise your statement sofa


If a sofa is fashion for your home, cushions are the accessories – and it’s important to get them right.

They make or break the outfit. Choose wisely and they’ll bring your colour palette together and elevate the room (whilst also making the couch even more inviting!). Choose wrong and you’re at risk of spoiling the whole aesthetic and suffering a major fashion faux pas.

There’s certainly an art to choosing and arranging sofa cushions. To do their job well, they need to draw together the perfect combo of colours, patterns and textures – and most people find it tricky. So to help, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite fail-safe groupings.

Why not take a look? Brush up on your soft furnishing skills and accessorise your sofa like a true fashionista.

 Examples of cushion combinations


3 of the best cushion combinations and why they work



This is our go-to recommendation for most people – a fool-proof cushion combination, that works regardless of the style or size of your sofa or the décor of the room.

Simply combine two of your favourite prints with a simple colour block style. The plain cushion will act as an anchor, offering the perfect backdrop for your two patterned options. To ensure the arrangement isn’t too OTT, it’s best to team up one small-scale pattern (e.g. stripes) with a bolder and larger design – such as a Scandi geometric print or bold florals.



Not a fan of daring prints? For trendsetters who prefer a subtle and minimalist look, a sofa cushion combination that plays with textures is the perfect option.

Using a mixture of tactile fabrics will add depth and character to the couch, whilst (of course) seriously upping its cosy stakes. So don’t be afraid of pairing heavily textured materials – such as velvet, faux fur and teddy boucle – with lighter-weight cotton, jersey bobble and linen.

The contrast creates a warm, cosy ‘need to touch’ effect, whilst also staying on-point.



Couch cushions and throws go hand-in-hand. A bit like heels and a designer bag. Or a pair of sunnies with a matching silver chain. As accessories go, they just work well together.

This is a fantastic combo for compact sofas. Simply combine a patterned cushion with a block design and team the duo with a throw – one that complements your favourite colour in the cushions. The pattern will draw the eye without causing visual clutter. And the pared-back threesome will add interest to the couch, without consuming too much bum space.


Cushions on the sofa


How many cushions do I need?

Not to state the obvious – but, ultimately, this will depend on the size of your sofa.

In our opinion, it’s best to take a ‘more is more’ approach. The bigger your sofa is, the more cushions you should have. But obvs, you need to be sensible. There’s a fine line between a welcoming couch full of soft, plump cushions and it starting to look like a kid’s soft play centre. Too many can be a little off-putting and leave little room for you to actually sit down.

Our advice is to stick to odd numbers and avoid symmetry wherever possible.

For a two-seater sofa, perhaps use the ‘TWO AND A THROW’ cushion combination on one side, and just one matching cushion on the other. For a three or four-seater couch, arrange five styles – a trio and a twosome. And for anything bigger – such as a corner or U-shaped design – choose either the ‘PRINT AND BLOCK COLOUR’ or ‘A THREESOME OF TEXTURES’ combo and repeat it three times.

Trust us – these are tried and tested groupings, that look slick whilst creating a relaxed vibe.


Which colours go together?

The golden rule? Pick a sofa cushion colour combination that matches your existing palette.

Cushions shouldn’t dictate the room, they’re just there to enhance it. So be inspired by the colour scheme you’ve already chosen and select shades that complement the shade of your sofa, the walls, the flooring and any other accessories.

If your lounge has a neutral tone, it can’t hurt to add a little pop of colour. Grey and ochre are a very à la mode pairing right now – allowing you to lift the space without being overly feminine. Whilst other trending colours include sage green, terracotta and navy blue.

Plump for your favourite and experiment with different combinations.


 Sofa cushions on couch by Sofa Club


Looking for more inspo?

For trend-led sofa ideas – including further en vogue cushion combinations, the latest sofa styles and the hottest colour palettes – this is the only club you need.

Be sure to check our Insta page for more cushion inspiration. #JOINTHECLUB and sign up for our e-newsletter. Or if you’d like to pick our brains, you’re more than welcome to hit us up. Either DM us on WhatsApp or keep things formal with an email sent to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk.

We are Sofa Club and we’re always happy to help.


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