March 08, 2022

Meet The Women: Women Selling Sofas (not sunsets)

Meet The Women: Women Selling Sofas (not sunsets)

This is our International Women’s Day. We are ready to celebrate the women of Sofa Club and the women all over the world. The day is ready to recognise the incredible achievements, raises awareness and encourages others to advocate for gender equality.

At Sofa Club we are 57% women. Sofa Club recognises and values the significance of women in business and that we are equal. Sofa Club was founded by two men however the growth of the business has been heavily supported by women and the empowerment Sofa Club gives us, enables us to give our all-in return.

Today we want to make all the women reading this feel empowered and proud to be women. We have asked all the females in our office to share their favourite quote that they live by or that makes them feel empowered each day. Get ready to meet the Sofa Club Women.

What the women of Sofa Club don’t know is that we have added to each of their introductions to the blog, our favourite thing about them and what makes them so special. 

Natalie - General Manager
Natalie always adds the humour to the room and can make anyone laugh, always with the most caring aura all, making us all smile! 

Liddy - Head of Merchandising
Liddy puts us all to shame with her magical mind, if you thought you had brains, think again because Liddy will beat you at any contest. Liddy is one of a kind and that is what makes her so special because she can’t be compared to anyone else.

Amy - General Assistant
Amy is the guardian angel of the office, with her gentle and compassionate soul. Always showing everyone how to be kind every day.

Hannah W - Customer Experience
Hannah empowers us with her words of wisdom. She is the biggest girls girl and supports her besties / anyone around her because she has the kindest heart. Not to mention she has the most unreal skin/face.

Carmella - Head of Buying
Carmella always empowers us with her unreal outfits each day, positivity energy and words of wisdom. She is the definition of the coolest + trendiest momager.

Olivia R - Content Creator
Liv has the biggest heart and always makes us smile (especially with her sneezes). Her energy is recognised as soon as she walks into a room. You wanna make a new bestie, liv is your girl! A girls girl!

Olivia S - Head of Marketing
Olivia is always empowering all the women with her entrepreneur mind and being her girl boss self. Now we all want to take up a sport of some sort!

Michelle - Customer Experience
Michelle radiates the most positive energy in the office, always smiling and making everyone around her smile. Michelle is a ray of sunshine that is needed in everyone’s lives.

Hayley - Sales Executive
Hayley has the most kind-hearted essence. She always has a smile on her face and is soooo good at her job, always 5* service from Hayley. Our customers can always see her kind personality through the phone!

Becky - Aftersales Manager
Becky is always so kind with her pretty smile and welcoming personality. Becky has a nurturing personality and makes everyone around her feel happy.

Monique - Warranty Manager
Monique empowers us all with her unreal face + make up skills. If you want outfit inspiration, Monique is your girl + she has the best banter!

Ellie - Merchandising Assistant
Ellie is ready to empower every woman in the room with her confidence, powerful mind, and wonderful soul. Ellie is also the funniest in the room, if you need a laugh, she is your girl!

Eve - Head of Sales
Eve empowers by giving the best advice, always wearing amazing outfits and smashing It daily at the gym! Also is very entertaining with her charismatic and engaging personality.

Hannah - Sales Assistant
Hannah empowers us with her bright personality and colourful clothing! Bringing the joy through her outfits and radiates good vibes!

Now, for our amazing lounge ladies! 

Dan our Regional Lounge Manager has told us what he loves most about our ladies. "I have the most caring and wonderful ladies in my team".

Including the crazy but amazing Karen!

Michelle is the main lady of the Crawley shop and has been amazing since starting.

We also have the mummy of my team Sheree who has been the best since joining 3 years ago!

Our newest ladies have joined the Manchester team and have been a great addition to the team Sade and Lisa

Finally we have me, Alex - Content Creator. My quote to live by is "when you look your best, you do your best"

We hope you have an empowering day!

Love Sofa Club x

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