March 29, 2019

Spring’s here! Every Home Should Do These 3 Things

Spring’s here! Every Home Should Do These 3 Things

Time to warm up for spring and no, put the stick-on flowers down, this time it’s about getting rid of the remains of winter. Even if you’ve not been doing much photosynthesising lately, every home needs to channel the energy of the sun and do these 3 things now that spring is upon us.

  1. Sort out plants
    Those blooms from last summer have wilted over the winter, and we don’t blame them- we wilted a little bit too. It’s time to get newer and fresher plants in and replace any that are looking past their best. Thoroughly water and trim any good plants, and, if needed, move them into their summer spot.
  2. Check through the cupboards
    Let’s face it, we’re never going to eat those fruit snacks hiding in the back of the pantry. Now’s the time to check through all the food in your kitchen and chuck anything that’s seen better days. Likely, you’ll find things you didn’t even know you had. Best use that soup up now so that there’s more space for the good stuff when summer rolls around!
  3. Watch those winter clothes
    Most of those big and thick jumpers just aren’t going to be useful for the next half a year. Instead of letting them take up perfectly good space, now’s the time to move them into storage and put your spring wardrobe front and centre. You may want to keep one or two cold options upfront and ready to grab- because we all know British weather has a mind of its own!

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