December 28, 2022

Our guide to pet-friendly sofas

Our guide to pet-friendly sofas

Home is for the whole family.

Pets included.

Why shouldn’t Buddy snuggle up on the sofa with everyone else? Or take a post-lunch nap on the chaise longue? He’s part of the clan and deserves to be there as much as anyone.

But let’s face it. Man’s best friend – particularly in puppy form – can wreak havoc on your furniture. Shedding, scratching, pulling, tearing, chewing, piddling on the cushions. There can be a lot of ‘accidental’ destruction. So when it comes to buying a new couch, it pays to be savvy.

At Sofa Club, we don’t just make sofas – we make pet-friendly sofas.

All of our couches are designed to be as dog-proof as possible. Which means, your fave furry family member (aside from Pops) can jump up and get comfy as much as they like – without the worry of suspect stains or frayed edges.

 Dog-proof sofa


The 3 staples of a pet-friendly couch

When shopping for a pet-proof sofa, there are three main criteria to look for. And you guessed it; our sofas tick every box and pass with flying colours.


1. Durable fabric

Forget about leather.

The best pet-friendly sofa fabric (by far) is linen.

Not only does it stand up well to everyday wear and tear, it doesn’t rip or scratch very easily. Hair and fur can be quickly removed with a lint brush, and as a low-maintenance material, muddy paw stains and spillages are easy to clean with water and soap. No Mrs Hinch hacks required.

Plus, it’s breathable and anti-microbial – so doesn’t absorb any nasty odours.

Velvet can also (surprisingly!) be a wise choice. Yes, it may attract more pet hair than linen. But that’s nothing a daily vacuum won’t solve. And as the fabric is tightly woven, without any loose threads or raised weaves, it’s resistant to scratches and pretty much impossible to snag.


Dog lounging on pet-friendly sofa


2. A sturdy construction

If it’s going to withstand an excitable pup, a pet-friendly couch needs to be robust.

Regardless of their style, all of our sofas are constructed using a solid hardwood frame and the highest quality metal fittings. You could sit an elephant on one of our L shapes and it wouldn’t break. Literally 👀 So no matter how energetic (or big!) your dogs may be, they won’t do any harm.

The cushions are also made from dual-layered foam and polyester fibre. Which means, they’re super durable – and will still be plump and comfy after many years of jumping and bouncing.


3. Camouflaging colours

Make sure your pet and sofa are twinning.

Dark sofas may be good at hiding dirt and stains. But when they’re covered in blonde pet hairs, it isn’t a good look. Unless you’re willing to spend 1-2 hours a day plucking off the individual strands, you’re better off opting for a camouflaging neutral tone – such as cream, beige, stone, or even grey – instead.

Essentially, if Doggo gets lost in your chosen shade, you’ve chosen well.


Dog sitting on matching dog-friendly sofa


How to dog-proof your new sofa

Our sofas are made to be suitable for all users – human and otherwise.

In fact, we believe in their quality (and pet-friendliness) so strongly, that our frames are guaranteed against structural defects for their whole lifetime. And all other manufacturing faults are covered by a complimentary one-year warranty. So if anything does go wrong, we’ll make it right.

There are also a few tactics you can use to prevent pet damage (or at least keep it to a minimum):


1. Invest in our 5 year platinum care plan

For a negligible one-off fee, this covers one-off pet damage – as well as rips, tears and spillages. And you can claim as many times as you need to over the 5 years (up to the value of your furniture).

So if a sofa arm somehow gets confused for a chew toy, no worries. We’ll get it fixed.

Our care plan also comes with a free cleaning kit, including stain-away and resistant stain cleaners. Perfect for when those little ‘accidents’ inevitably happen.


2. Employ damage limitation

One of the easiest ways to dog-proof your sofa is to cover it up. If they have a favourite spot, just pop down a couple of cosy blankets and throws for them to sit on instead. That way, rather than scrubbing away dirty paw prints (or worse), you can just throw them in the washing machine.

Chew toys are always beneficial. Place them strategically and pray they look tastier than the sofa.

And to limit shedding on the chaise, it also makes sense to primp and preen your four-legged friend on a regular basis (no matter how much they hate the bath!).


3. Provide alternative seating

A couch for a dog?

Yep, they do exist. Google it.  They’re not your average dog bed. They’re shaped like a sofa, they look as stylish as a sofa, and they’re super comfortable too. Perfect for a real pampered pooch.

And the best bit?

They’re a great way to prevent damage, keeping pets away from your own couch and avoiding any ‘territory issues’. Everyone has their own special seat – including the dog. Just add their favourite toy and a couple of treats to entice them on. And enjoy the main, perfectly clean, sofa for yourself.


Ultimate pet-friendly sofa available at Sofa Club


Invest in a dog-friendly sofa today

Chilling with a furry friend on the sofa?

We’re so here for it.

Sofa Club is the home of stress-free sofa shopping for pet owners – with a full collection of bounce-proof, fur-proof and claw-resistant designs to choose from. And whether you have one much-loved pup or a zoo of animals under one roof, we’re bound to have the perfect couch for you.

One of the most pet-friendly sofas in our collection is The Chiswick.

Not only is it exceptionally strong and durable – made with that all-important solid hardwood frame – it’s also crafted from an easy clean fabric. Ideal for muddy paw and suspicion stain situations. And it comes in a range of pet-fur hues.

So why not grab the iPad, get comfy with Buddy and take a look together?

If you have any questions – or would like further advice on dog-proof sofa styles and fabrics – please don’t hesitate to hit us up. You can either message us via WhatsApp or send an email to and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

Alternatively, why not visit one of our sofa lounges?

One of our animal-loving sofa experts will be on hand to help.



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