August 02, 2019

3 Living Room Design Tricks to Help You Relax

3 Living Room Design Tricks to Help You Relax

Your living room should be a place of calm, but these days our busier work schedules mean less down time at home. For the five minutes you do grab, you want to ensure you have the comfiest sofa to chill out on! This may come as a surprise, but the effects that home decor can have on your mood is also something you might want to consider trialling in your living room.  So here are 3 affordable design tricks that you can use to help you relax... 

Create A Reading Nook

Functional furniture can be boring and not very cosy, so why not transform a corner of your living room to create a space specifically for grabbing a book and a cup of tea and relaxing. Do this by adding a one seater sofa to your living space, like our Chigwell Armchair or see our entire range of  Fabric 1 seater sofas.

Keep It Clean

Even when you don’t notice the dirt and clutter in your living room, it still affects your mood and behaviour. Take regular cleaning days to keep on top of any mess and give everything a home to stay neat and tidy. If you need any storage ideas, head over to our recent blog: Practical, Everyday Storage Solutions!

Add Fresh Flowers

Flowers bring a smile to every face, not to mention they both smell good and look aesthetically pleasing. Adding nature to your home is a surefire way to lift your mood and help you relax. If fresh flowers aren’t your thing, opt for dried blooms instead. We recently posted a blog dedicated to home accounts that style flowers (both real & faux flowers) beautifully in their homes. 

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