August 12, 2019

3 Animal Print Pieces We Are Loving

3 Animal Print Pieces We Are Loving

Animal prints make a comeback every year for a reason - they are a statement, they are pleasing on the eye and they can be versatile when it comes to their style. Why not experiment with animal print with these 3 easy furniture pieces to add finesse to any room in your home...


To embrace this trend without overdoing it, treat your animal print as if it’s a bold and bright colour. Swap out colourful chairs and footstools with this stylish animal print stool instead. Contrast a brave pattern with other less defined shapes, or follow a natural theme by using traditional colours and textures. Cheetah print chairs pair well with circular tables and zebra footstools tie into a striped sofa such as the Victoria.


Be brave and create a focal point in your bathroom or hallway with graphic animal wallpaper. Complete the look with shades of white, neutral decor and gold linings. This wallpaper is bold and interesting but doesn’t take over a room. 


Take a walk on the wild side with this affordable zebra-striped rug. It’s easy to dip into a trend and buy a statement rug, rather than changing the larger pieces of furniture in your home. With neutral colours, this rug can ground a busy room or be paired with other animal print decor for a bolder statement. 

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