March 21, 2022

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Kayley

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Kayley

We are kicking off our Monday with a new edition of Homes in The Spotlight. If you're needing some motivation to start your home blogging journey, then look no further than the tips @no.29_reno has answered around interior.
1.What was your inspiration behind starting a home account?
I wanted to take people on our home renovation journey. As a first time buyer, doing a renovation can seem quite daunting so I wanted to show that you don’t need lots of experience and knowledge, anyone can do it with a bit of determination to reach your home goals.
2. That's great inspiration for someone looking to start a renovation! What interior trend are you fully embracing in your home right now?
I am obsessed with all things neutrals at the moment. My colour scheme throughout the house is black, white, green and beige and I love it. 
3. Those colours are a must have in a home. How would you describe your home style in 3 words?
Simplistic, neutral and cosy
4. A celebrity home you'd love to visit?
Definitely Kendal Jenner’s! Her house is modern yet traditional with so many fun colours throughout and of course… it’s Kendal Jenner! 
5. The Kardashians/Jenners are a popular choice, we can see why! What is your best home purchase vs home purchase fail?

Best - obviously our sofa! I also love my big living room rug, it has totally transformed our room and made it 10x more cosy! 

Fail - Our bath. We bought the wrong sized bath for our bathroom - it was a disaster! 

6. There always has to be one sizing issue in a home! Our Sofa is definitely the best you can have! Which room do you spend the most time in and why?
My living room - it’s the best room to wind down after a busy day or to just chill out on the sofa in front of the TV on a weekend and relax. 
7. We all need the perfect place to wind down. What is your favourite way to unwind at home?
Turning my sofa into a bed using the foot stool and bringing my duvet down with snacks and my favourite film on TV… what more could you want! 
8. That sounds like a dream! Lastly what is the best home tip you've ever received to share with our followers?
Cleaning your windows with a shower squeegee saves SO much time!! 
You can check out Kayley's stunning home account here: @no.29_reno
Stay tuned for more upcoming Q+As and don’t forget to tag us in your home content featuring our sofas - we would love to feature you in one of our upcoming blogs. 
Sofa Club x

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