October 02, 2019

Bedroom Storage Ideas That Are Smart And Versatile

Bedroom Storage Ideas That Are Smart And Versatile

A bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind – not somewhere you have to fight through a clutter of shoes, clothes and toiletries. Whether it’s a lack of wardrobes, drawers or hanging space making your bedroom feel less like a calm boudoir, there’s no shortage of smart storage to help you create your perfect sleep space.

1. Alcove Cupboards

Built-in floor-to-ceiling storage puts alcoves either side of a bed to best use. Connect them with a full-width headboard in the same colour to give you a streamlined shelf for books and other bits. These can be best used for chunkier pieces of clothing like jumpers, and great for storing extra pairs of shoes. 

2. Add A Bench 

Place a sturdy shelf unit on its side to create a bench with storage cubbies to sit at the end of your bed. This is perfect for basketfuls of shoes or spare bedding, and is a great place to put your endless number of bed cushions if you are anything like us and have a cushion obsession!  

3. Door Storage

Use over-the-door hooks, a key organiser and a rail to keep your favourite accessories ready to grab and go. You could even consider adding a magnifying mirror to the mix. S-hooks can hold anything from shoes to bags to scarves and umbrellas – but make sure you double up support for heavier items.

4. High Shelves

In a box room, why not make a feature of a high shelf on decorative brackets, with grab-handled baskets that fit flush to the ceiling, for storage that doesn’t intrude into the space. These are great for extra toiletries, or maybe your activewear and loungewear ready to grab for a cosy day in or a workout. 

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