March 29, 2019

3 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Relaxing

3 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Relaxing

Not only is a relaxing home good for curbing stress, it’s also healthier for us. When we like our surroundings, we’re more likely to be healthy and look after ourselves in other ways. Here are 3 ways to tone your home down with minimal effort and budget.

  1. Open space up
    It’s easier said than done, but if you can manage it, more open space directly translates to more breathing room. When we’re stressed, it’s as if we can feel the walls pressing in on us. To help fight against this, remove extra furniture and get as much light in as possible. If you’re working with a small space anyway, use white or other light colours on the walls and ceilings. Stick to dark colours on the floor as this grounds the space!
  2. Use nature
    Nature is always relaxing. A plant moves at its own pace, and if you treat it well, it can be rewarding to watch it grow. The colour green is relaxing in itself, so stick to leafy green plants for the most part (these also generally happen to be easier to look after!) Shelving and tables can be lined with plants, but behind or next to the sofa is also a great spot. Keep it clean and although plants are great, so is space. Keep both in mind!
  3. Art
    Whether it’s your own art or that of an artist you admire, it’s bound to be relaxing on some level. If you can’t afford real copies of the art you like, prints do the same job- but at a massively lower cost. Placing a large and central picture above the mantelpiece can be a great way to set the mood for the room, so, pick something specifically relaxing for this spot. We love personalised tree art- super relaxing!

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